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Filled with history and intrigue, medals are popular collectibles as a form of exonumia (meaning coin-like objects, such as medals, medallions and tokens) and many coin collectors (numismatists) are also medal collectors (exonumists). Since medals can be presented for awards, recognition or decoration, they are often confused with one another.

Here's a quick look how they differ:

Medals for Awards & Recognition

Medals for Awards & Recognition acknowledge a variety of achievements and they can be given to an individual or an organization - i.e. commemorative medals, Years of Service Lapel Pins/Medals and exemplary service medals.

Medals for Decoration

Medals for Decoration acknowledge specific acts of heroism or achievement and they are given to individuals – i.e. military valour decorations, bravery decorations and meritous service decorations.

Quick Facts

  • Medals are generally struck in precious metal – gold and/or gold-plated, silver and bronze
  • Volumes range from 1 to 10,000
  • Custom sizes range from 36 mm to 100 mm and irregular shapes are an option (I.e. square)
  • Packaging options include: presentation cases, capsules, beauty boxes, numbered certificates of authenticity etc.
  • Finishes include: proof, brilliant uncirculated, wire-brushed, bullion, specimen, antiqued(toned), etc.
  • RCMP Long Service
  • Dept. National Defense
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Vancouver 2010