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2010 Coin Collection Cards

The collection

Canada is a land of incredible natural beauty; breathtaking vistas and wildlife that shaped its people and national identity coast to coast to coast. These all-new coin collection cards are a wonderful way to express your special affection for this great land and its countless treasures. They are fun, fascinating and educational—a perfect keepsake for all ages!

Maple Leaves

The symbolism of Canada's cherished maple leaf dates back to the early 1700's when maple sugar was a valued delicacy that sustained voyageurs in the early fur trade.

Polar Bear

No other animal personifies the Great White North like the polar bear. The largest non-aquatic carnivore in the world, Nanuk is revered by the Inuit.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and its scarlet clad Mounties, an enduring symbol of Canada, have been keeping Canadians and visitors alike safe for over 136 years.


The canoe was a key form of transportation for Canada's First Nations people. Today, paddling a canoe continues to reign as a quintessential Canadian pastime.

A unique souvenir of Canada featuring its traditional circulation coins in brilliant uncirculated finish—collect all 4!

The Cards