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    Margaret Bazan

    "Knowing that I'm the first person to touch a beautiful new coin before it travels around the world honestly gives me chills."

    Production Operator

    3 years at the Mint

    The job

    Margaret Bazan is part of the team of press operators that stamps images onto coins at the Mint's Winnipeg plant. She and her colleagues work in shifts around the clock producing coins that are distributed to customers all over the world. The Mint uses different types of coin-stamping presses: some produce up to 325 coins a minute; the fastest stamp as many as 850 per minute. Margaret's duties also include operating other equipment, such as the Mint's coin-wrapping machines and its coin sorter.

    My day at the Mint

    "At the start of each shift I'm assigned up to five presses to run. I'm a quality control agent for the coins we produce. Every half hour I measure a coin from each press, constantly checking for cracking, poor plating and the state of the die. If I notice that the image is looking flat, it's time to replace the die. On one shift I could be responsible for producing about a million coins—not what you'd call small change."

    Margaret's pick

    As an avid coin collector and bird lover, Margaret's most revered collection is the bird coin series. The sharp colours and detail on the woodpecker and cardinal coins are unmatched. These are often her first choice for personal gifts.

    Photo Credit: Bert Leger

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