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The Legend

Through his art, and by championing Haida causes and cultural traditions, Reid exposed people all over the world to the beauty of his culture, and helped inspire a new generation of Haida artists. His astounding body of work spans 1,500 different pieces ranging from jewelry to silk-screen prints, to the monumental carvings and sculptures for which he is most widely known – many of which you may recognize…

The Inspiration

Xuu.ajii (Grizzly Bear) was a favourite character of Bill Reid's. He often used it in his jewelry designs and sculpture. Xuu.ajii is an important crest among the Haida Nation and plays a significant role in ancient Haida narratives.

The Skidegate Haida spelling for Grizzly Bear has evolved since Reid created Xhuwaji, Haida Grizzly Bear. Today, the word for Grizzly Bear is spelled Xuu.ajii. This is because in recent decades, the spelling and phonetic structure of the Haida language have been refined through the efforts to revitalise the language by community members, particularly Elders, via the Skidegate Haida Immersion Program (SHIP).

Master goldsmith. Sculptor. Cultural bridge-builder.

Expand your appreciation for Haida art and culture and build your Bill Reid collection.

2020 Bill Reid Commemorative Collector Keepsake


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