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E ver since our very first Poppy coin in 2004, the Royal Canadian Mint has proudly issued special commemorative coins to remember the service and sacrifice of Canada's Veterans and active military. Etched on each coin is the story of our shared history and memory of the extraordinary sacrifices made by our Veterans. Stories like these…

Photo credit: Chris Lund/NFBC. Photothèque/LAC/PA-111593

I t had been nearly a year since Canada had come ashore at Juno Beach to begin the long, hard battle through Northwest Europe. But in May 1945 came the news Canadians had been longing to hear: enemy forces had surrendered and the war in Europe was over.

This is the story of Canada in the final phase of the Second World War – the story of V-E Day, as seen by Canadians at home and away.

Photo credit: Capt. Ken Bell/Canada. DND/LAC/PA-188671
A spring of freedom
Into the Rhineland
Operation Manna

The Liberation of Netherlands Collection

The Dutch and Canadian sacrifices made during World War II should never be forgotten. On the 75th anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands, we celebrate the special friendship between our two nations and the close ties forged in war.

Photo credit: Donald I. Grant/Canada. DND/LAC/PA-136176
When the war in Europe turned
A long road to victory
A flying force of freedom
Redeployed to a new theatre

The Celebration Collection

This year, we commemorate the end of the war in Europe and remember the fallen who fought to end it. Follow Canada's story with our 75th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War Celebration Collection. From land, to sea, to sky, we pay tribute Canada's wartime contributions and peacetime legacy.

Minting the Story

Learn more about how the Royal Canadian Mint collaborates with experts and artists to encapsulate moments that define our nation

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