From Royal to Floral, New Themes Abound in Royal Canadian Mint's Spring 2011 Coin Collection

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The Mint's first collector coin honouring the Diamond Jubilee
of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is joined by themes such as Tulips; the Wild Rose;
the Mountain Avens; Birthstones; "Welcome to the world"; as well as Mythical Creatures and Great Canadian Locomotives series; and Canada's Famous CN Tower 

Ottawa, Ontario, April 26, 2011 – An abundance of new collector coins is a sure sign of spring at the Royal Canadian Mint as exciting new products ranging from royal to floral, historical to mythical, and more, are sure to satisfy collectors and gift givers worldwide.  The coins from the Mint's new spring collection include: a 1952-2012 $20 Fine Silver and Crystal Coin of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee; a $20 Fine Silver Coin - Wild Rose; coloured $20 Fine Silver and 25-cent Tulip coins; a $350 Pure Gold Mountain Avens coin; a ½ oz Fine Silver Commemorative Coin – Welcome To The World; a $3 Fine Silver Birthstone collection; the $20 Fine Silver Great Canadian Locomotives Series
D-10 coin; a 25-cent coloured Sasquatch coin from the new Mythical Creatures Series and the 35th Anniversary of the CN Tower Collector Card.       

"The richness and diversity of Canada's heritage inspires the Royal Canadian Mint to design and create collector coins which stand out for their visual appeal, craftsmanship and innovation," said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. "The Mint is proud to continue offering Canadians and collectors world-wide so many ways to enjoy the beauty, history and traditions of Canada through unforgettable and irresistible coins."

Below are descriptions of the featured products to be available to the public as of
May 2, 2011.


Canadians and royal-watchers worldwide can start celebrating the countdown to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee with a pure silver, double effigy coin featuring a new design of Her Majesty as she appeared at the start of her reign and as she is depicted on today's Canadian coinage.  The profile of a young Queen Elizabeth II by Ontario portrait artist Laurie McGaw appears on the reverse and is dated 1952-2012.  A round white crystal cleverly replaces the numeral "0" in "2012".

The obverse design is the work of British Columbia portrait artist Susanna Blunt who designed the effigy of Her Majesty which has appeared on Canadian coins since 2003 and was introduced in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. This newest "royal" coin, and the first of many more Queen's Diamond Jubilee coins to come, is limited to a mintage of 15,000 examples world-wide and retails for $104.95 CAD.


Another royal connection to Canada and an icon of spring is celebrated with a pure silver tulip coin representing over 60 years of close friendship between Canada and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  It was in 1940 that Canada provided refuge to Crown Princess Juliana and in 1943, her daughter Princess Margriet was the only member of royalty ever born in North America.  In the fall of 1945, the Netherlands presented Canada with over 100,000 prized tulip bulbs in thanks for protecting their Crown Princess and her daughters and for Canadian soldiers' efforts in liberating their country during the Second World War. Today, the more than three million tulips which bloom in springtime throughout Canada's National Capital Region are the centerpiece of the famous Canadian Tulip Festival, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2012. 

The flower which has grown to be a part of Canadian history and culture is painted in vivid oranges and reds on a proof coin made of 99.99% pure silver. Designed by Mint engravers, this coin's brilliant illustration of Tulipa Ottawa is enhanced by the addition of a delicately handcrafted Venetian glass ladybug.  This colourful insect, which often finds shelter among the broad petals of the tulip, is another sign of spring.  

These handmade ladybugs are miniature masterpieces of Venetian glass work which make every one of these precious silver coins unique and highly desirable.  The world's first coins to incorporate Venetian glass are limited to a world-wide mintage of 5,000 coins and retail for $139.95 CAD.


Canada's unique relationship with the Kingdom of the Netherlands is also celebrated on a 25-cent coloured collector coin featuring a tulip and ladybug designed by the Mint's own engravers.  This oversize nickel-plated steel coin is presented in a folder telling the compelling tale of Crown Princess Juliana and her family's safe harbour in Canada, in addition to celebrating almost six decades of Canada's National Capital Region's world-famous Canadian Tulip Festival.  Available while supplies last, this exciting new collector coin is available for $24.95 CAD. 


Collectors and gift givers in Canada and around the world have taken a real shine to the Mint's growing collection of crystal-enhanced collector coins and this technology can once again be enjoyed on the 2011 $20 Wild Rose Fine Silver Coin.  This flower, whose bright pink blooms colour the Canadian landscape from the Maritimes to Nunavut, is beautifully painted on a proof silver coin made of 99.99% pure silver.  The addition of three clear white Swarovski crystals brings the work of botanical artist Margaret Best to life.  This sparkling new coin is limited to a mintage of 10,000 and retails for
$109.95 CAD.


The provincial flowers series that started in 1998 comes to a close with a $350 99.999% pure gold coin featuring the Mountain Avens; the Territorial Flower of the Northwest Territories. The Mint is unique in the world for refining gold to 99.999% purity and it is proud to have introduced this innovation through the very first coin in this exceptional series.  The reverse of this exclusive coin was designed by artist Caren Heine.  Limited to a worldwide mintage of 1,300, this coin retails for $2,799.95 CAD.


As spring is a time for rejuvenation and renewal, the Mint is proud to issue a commemorative silver coin by which to remember life's most precious gift: the birth of a new child.  Crafted in a half-ounce of 99.99% pure silver, this special coin features the delicate engraving of a newborn's feet, yet untouched by the world in which it has just arrived.  The coin also comes with a specially designed full colour certificate of authenticity which can be personalised with a unique message to commemorate this most precious of life's milestones.

Limited to a mintage of 10,000 coins word-wide, this precious keepsake retails for
$59.95 CAD. 


Thanks to the Mint's new Birthstone series of fine silver coins, the birth of  a new child, the birthday of a special loved one, or your own birth month can be commemorated with a breathtaking new crystal-enhanced collector coin.  Twelve different versions of this 99.99% pure silver coin are available, each featuring a gem-coloured Swarovski Element crystal centred on the reverse and surrounded by twelve radiating petals.  Each colour corresponds to the birthstone which has held special personal and astrological meaning since the early days of human civilization.  This elegant and meaningful collectible or gift idea is being produced on demand and retails for $64.95 CAD.

The Mint's series honouring the greatest engines of Canada's golden age of rail reaches the end of the line with the 2011 Great Canadian Locomotives coin featuring the D-10.  This workhorse of Canada's freight service is immortalized on a $20 coin made of 99.99% pure silver.  The D-10, whose name is engraved on the plain edge of this coin, was renowned for an uncomplicated and reliable design that spawned 502 locomotives which plied the rails from Nova Scotia to British Columbia between 1905 and 1913. 
Retailing at $79.95 CAD, this final issue of a four-coin series is limited to a worldwide mintage of 10,000.


Folklore is an entertaining and intriguing part of popular culture and Canada has more than its share of myths and legends to share with the world.  This year, three
home-grown mythical creatures which have been rumoured to exist for countless generations will appear on the Mint's newest coloured 25-cent nickel-plated steel coins.  This exciting series makes its debut with the Sasquatch, a legendary ape-man said to roam Canada's forests from British Columbia to the Yukon, and even Northern Ontario.  Young coin collectors and even die-hard cryptozoologists (those who search for animals whose existence has not been proven) should revel in artist Emily S. Damstra's bird's eye view of Sasquatch roaming a wintry forest and leaving his tell-tale massive footprints behind him in the snow; the most tempting evidence found of this elusive creature.    

The Sasquatch coin is presented in a wonderfully illustrated and informative folder telling his story and his role in the folklore of other cultures, where he is also called Bigfoot or Yeti.  The pull-out section of folder contains a description of Sasquatch, as well as a map plotting his latest sightings.  Available for $24.95 CAD while supplies last, this coin will be joined by aquatic "cryptids" Memphré of Quebec and Mishepishu of Algonquin legend.  Capture all three of these coins as a fun way to start collecting or to give as unique gifts... before they go back into hiding.


The CN Tower which, for most of its existence, was the tallest free-standing structure in the world, celebrates its 35th anniversary in 2011.  This marvel of Canadian engineering, which continues to dominate the Toronto skyline, is commemorated on a special-edition collector card featuring uncirculated versions of Canada's circulation coinage.

Just in time for the opening of the Royal Canadian Mint's new temporary store in the CN Tower's boutique, this distinctly Canadian keepsake is available while supplies last at the retail price of $19.95 CAD.

All of the Mint's products are available directly from the Mint at 1-800-267-1871 in Canada, 1-800-268-6468 in the US, or on the Internet at The coins are also available at the Royal Canadian Mint's boutiques in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver, as well as our new Toronto CN Tower location, and through our global network of dealers and distributors, including participating Canada Post outlets.

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