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Royal Canadian Mint Launches Second Numismatic Catalogue Of 2017

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2017 $100 14-Kt Gold Coin marks 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion

Ottawa, Ontario, February 9, 2017 The Royal Canadian Mint's newest collector coins continue to pay tribute to Canadian history and well-known natural and cultural iconography.  All of these products can be purchased as of today. 

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the tragic explosion which decimated the city of Halifax on December 6, 1917, the Mint has dedicated its annual $100 14 Kt gold coin to this solemn commemoration. A design by Jamie Desrochers combines an image of the stern of French munitions ship SS Mont-Blanc and the face of a damaged clock with its hands frozen to the moment of the blast, evokes the sombre memory of one of the worst disasters on Canadian soil, taking the lives of almost 2,000 people and injuring 9,000 others.

The Mint is also taking an innovative look at Canada's natural heritage with its first coin to feature a shaped cut-out to create a thought-provoking way to highlight the theme of endangered species.  The 2017 $30 Fine Silver Coin – Endangered Animal Cutout: Woodland Caribou is the first in a new series of large-diameter coins designed by artist Trevor Tennant and crafted of nearly two ounces of 99.99% pure silver. 

Other products in the February 2017 catalogue include:  

  • The 2017 $200 Pure Gold Coin – Great Canadian Explorer Series: Alexander Mackenzie, designed by artist John Mantha;
  • The 2017 $100 Fine Silver Coin – Sculpture of Majestic Canadian Animals: Cougar featuring a gold-plated three-dimensional embellishment by Canadian big game sculptor Karl Lansing;
  • The 2017 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Aircraft of the Second World War Series: Avro Anson, designed by David A. Oram;
  • The 2017 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Traditional Pysanka, featuring the traditional Ukrainian Easter Egg artwork of Ann C. Morash;
  • The 2017 $10 Fine Silver Coin – Celebrating Canada's 150th: Panmure Island, featuring the photography of Prince Edward Island's Robert Hamilton;
  • The 2017 $10 Fine Silver Coin – Dog Sledding Under the Northern Lights, illustrated in vivid colour by Claudio D'Angelo;
  • The 2017 $15 Fine Silver Coin – Great Canadian Outdoors: Night Skiing, first in a new series of glow-in-the-dark coloured coins designed by artist Joel Kimmel;
  • The $200 Pure Gold Coin – Elk, featuring the artwork of Pierre Leduc in 99.999% pure gold;
  • The one-kilo 2017 $250 Fine Silver Coin and $2,500 Pure Gold Coin - In the Eyes of the Timber Wolf, designed by Pierre Leduc;
  • The 2017 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Glistening North: The Arctic Tern, designed by artist Derek C. Wicks;
  • The 2017 Fine Silver Coin – Big Coin Series: Alex Colville Designs (10-Cent) crafted of five ounces of selectively gold-plated silver;
  • The 2017 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Canadiana Kaleidoscope: The Loon, featuring a Calder Moore design on a 60 mm-wide, 1 oz. silver coin;
  • The 2017 $3 Fine Silver Coin – Celebration of Love featuring a crystal-enhanced coloured butterfly design by Joel Kimmel; and
  • The double crystal-enhanced 2017 $3 Fine Silver Coin Zodiac Series – Pisces (March), designed by Pandora Young.

Mintages, pricing and full background information on each product can be found on the "Shop" tab of

All of these products can be ordered directly from the Mint at 1-800-267-1871 in Canada, 1-800-268-6468 in the US, or online at The coins are also available at the Royal Canadian Mint's boutiques in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver, as well as through our global network of dealers and distributors, including participating Canada Post outlets.

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