New Royal Canadian Mint Touches Diverse Themes As Its Collector Coins Continue To Tell The Story Of Canada

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OTTAWA, ONTARIO June 10, 2014 – The Royal Canadian Mint continues to open new windows on the Canadian experience through a broad variety of collector coins capturing historical events and national symbols in an equal selection of metal compositions and artistic finishes. From the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landing of our troops in Normandy to the 1914 founding of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, from the fascinating tale of a ghost bride haunting a famous Banff, Alberta landmark to celebrating some of our smallest and largest wildlife, Canada’s heritage is richly displayed on these and several other coins in the Mint’s latest collection.

“The Royal Canadian Mint is pleased to produce coins which boldly capture the Canadian experience through finely crafted coins which help our customers at home and abroad to remember famous stories, or discover new ones, which are at the heart of our national pride and identity,” said Ian E. Bennett, President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint.  “The themes and stories which define Canada are a rich source of inspiration for the men and women of the Mint who are proud to create precious keepsakes which will be cherished by generations for their craftsmanship and innovation.”

In pursuing the time-honoured tradition of celebrating Canada’s veterans and our proud military history, the Mint has crafted a $5 face-value fine silver coin, designed by artist Scott Waters, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF), created in 1914 as Canadian troops fought under their own command for the very first time at the start of the First World War. The CEF gave birth to famous Canadian regiments also celebrating their centennial in 2014, such as the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and the Royal 22e “Van Doos” which continue to defend Canada today.

Canadian forces went on to fight with valour of the beaches of Normandy during the June 6, 1944 D-Day landing at Juno Beach.  On the 70th anniversary of a historic assault that would turn the tide of war in favour of the Allies and bring the Second World War to an end, the Mint has preserved the memory of a brave generation of veterans on a new 99.99% fine silver coin designed by artist Maskull Laserre.  Another battle which precipitated the end of a history-making conflict is commemorated on a new pair of gold and silver kilo coins portraying artist Bonnie Ross’ vivid interpretation of the War of 1812’s famous Battle of Lundy’s Lane.    

A new $15 fine silver coin series showcasing Canadian exploration and history opens with “The Voyageurs”, illustrated in a lively paddling scene by artist John Mantha, as they famously blazed new trails on land and water hundreds of years ago in discovering and opening our vast country.  This first coin is part of a 10-coin subscription, which are to be launched monthly form June 2014 to June 2015. Another symbol of our proud heritage is found on the last coin in the Mint’s $300 gold Provincial Arms of Canada series.  Crowning this illustrious collection is the Canadian Coat of Arms, shown in their contemporary form, which includes a ring behind the shield bearing the Order of Canada’s Latin motto “They desire a better country”.

Much of Canada’s identity is celebrated through folk tales and cultural teachings and two new coins help preserve those important stories.  The first is a new selectively gold-plated fine silver coin in the Seven Sacred Teachings series by artist Nathalie Bertin whose bear design symbolizes courage.  A captivating story brought to life on the first instalment of a new Haunted Canada series.  The image-shifting effect of lenticular technology shows an ethereal Ghost Bride said to haunt the famous Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel since her tragic accidental death on her wedding night over 80 years ago.  The image of the bride with her eyes closed, and whose headdress softly cascades over her shoulders rapidly changes when the coin is tilted: her eyes suddenly spring open, while candles light up the once-black background and her open veil reveals beneath her an iconic view of the hotel.

Natural symbols of Canada also abound in a number of new products in a variety of metal compositions and finishes:

•   A 1 oz. 99.95% pure platinum coin celebrating the Maple Leaf Forever;
•    The new $20 Fine Silver Great Lakes: Lake Erie coin featuring a striking use of translucent blue enamel over the gradual depth contours of the lake;
•    The new $2 Specimen in the Young Wildlife series, featuring Baby Rabbits;
•    The first of a new Baby Animals series of coloured fine silver coins featuring a beaver kit with its mother in their natural habitat;
•    The second coin in the 50-cent Pure Gold Sea Creatures series, celebrating the Seahorse;
•    The Bison: At home on the Plains, continuing the $200 Pure Gold coin series dedicated to North America’s largest land animal;
•    New $5 Pure Gold and $10 Fine Silver issues from the O Canada series, celebrating the Canada Goose; and
•    The third and final coin in the $3 Fine Silver Animal Architects series, featuring the Caterpillar and Chrysalis.

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All of these products can be ordered directly from the Mint at 1-800-267-1871 in Canada, 1-800-268-6468 in the US, or online at (subject to availability). The coins are also available at the Royal Canadian Mint's boutiques in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver, as well as through our global network of dealers and distributors, including participating Canada Post outlets.

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