The results of the Royal Canadian Mint's Design Your Own Coin Contest are in!

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The Royal Canadian Mint invited students from across Canada to submit a coin design demonstrating the theme “Community and Culture” as part the 2012 Culture Days celebration in September. Many impressive designs were received, and the best designs in three age categories were chosen by a Mint project manager and engraver. Congratulations to the winners: Beatriz W. of Edmonton Alberta, (age category 5-7); Hannah T., of Neerlandia, Alberta (age category 8-12); and Xifeng H. of Burnaby, B.C. (age category 13-17). The winners will receive a visit to their classroom by a Mint engraver, as well as a Maple Leaf Forever Fine Silver $10 Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint, a coin collector toolkit, and a large model coin featuring their design. A big thank you to everyone who participated! Check out the winning designs, and the meaning behind them, written by the artists themselves:

Beatriz W., Edmonton Alberta (age category 5-7)
Beatriz’s description: Maple tree with bucket under it and dripping with syrup. Hollow and with bird nest with 3 eggs. It is culture days because making maple syrup is cultural and traditional in Canada.

Hannah T., Neerlandia Alberta (age category 8-12)
Hannah’s description: My coin represents farming communities all over Canada. It shows a picture that you will see when driving outside of the city and looking at farmland and fields with hay bales. My family lives on a farm and we grow wheat, canola, peas, and barley with my grandparents.

Xifeng H., Burnaby, B.C. (age category 13-17)
Xifeng’s description: A thriving community is composed of multicultural individuals who combine their diversity. This is why I drew four people of varied backgrounds extending their arms to form the universal symbol for peace. Together, they cradle a budding earth which grows as a result of everyone's unique contributions; we are the water to the seed of Earth.