Timeless Stories And Symbols Of Canada Abound On New Royal Canadian Mint Collector Coins

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OTTAWA, ONTARIO, September 9, 2014 – From the pioneering works of Emily Carr to the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown and Quebec City conferences, the many achievements and events which have shaped Canadian identity continue to be celebrated on a dazzling array of new gold and silver collector coins from the Royal Canadian Mint.  Added to this latest collection are numerous celebrations of aboriginal culture, including the Mint's first “glow-in-the-dark” silver coin from a new series showcasing First Nations legends inspired by famous constellations. Icons of Canadian flora and fauna also complete the latest offering of finely crafted collector coins now available for purchase.

“The story of Canada is told in many layers and the Mint is proud to give its customers new ways to experience Canada through coins that are designed to appeal through their themes, craftsmanship and technological innovation,” said Marc Brûlé, CFO of the Royal Canadian Mint.  “As our collector coin offering continues to grow, so does our commitment to combining original techniques and designs to meet sustained demand for high quality collectibles that are uniquely Canadian.”    

As a pioneering painter chronicling the landscapes and people of the West Coast, Emily Carr helped define the Canadian art movement of the early 20th century as much her contemporaries in the famous Group of Seven. Her distinct impressionist style profoundly conveyed the essence of her subjects and won legions of admirers in Canada and around the world.  The Mint has contributed to the enduring preservation of her legacy with a meticulously engraved interpretation of her 1930 oil painting Totem Forest on a 99.99% fine silver 1 oz. coin which celebrates her unique style in elegant relief. 

The Mint has also turned its attention to an important turning point in Canadian history by commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Quebec and Charlottetown conferences of 1864, which paved the way to Confederation only three years later.  These famous gatherings of the fathers of Confederation are celebrated on a 50-cent face value, 99.99% pure gold coin reinterpreting the central design elements of the 1964 Canadian Silver Dollar highlighting the same theme: the French fleur-de-lys, the English rose, the Scottish thistle and the Irish shamrock.  

Today, Canadian pride is perfectly embodied by the iconic symbol of the maple leaf, which can be found on several new products.  A new $10 pure gold coin kicks off a series combining the maple leaf with the historical effigies of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The first of these coins features a graceful maple leaf illustration by botanical artist Celia Godkin on the reverse, while its obverse side features the effigy of Her Majesty which first appeared on Canadian coinage in 1953.

Three more coins entitled “Majestic Maple Leaves” are the work of artist Pierre Leduc:

•  a spectacular 10 oz., $100 face value  fine silver coin;
•  a $20 fine silver coin featuring a rich palette of leaves in stunning fall colours; and
•  a 99.99% pure gold coin of a pair of overlaid maple leaves in contrasting finishes.

An endless source of inspiration for Canadian and international collectors, aboriginal culture is the subject of several new coins.  A new first for the Mint is a fine silver coin featuring photo-luminescent colour that lights up the Big Dipper constellation on a design by Western Ojibwa artist Cyril Assiniboine.  As the first of a four-coin series showcasing First Nations mythology inspired by well-known constellations, this coin depicts a hunter in impressive Salteaux dress looking up at the star formation known as the “Big Bear” in First Nations culture.  Once in the dark, this constellation and stars representing hunters tracking the Big Bear in the night sky glows in contrasting silver and gold.  

The striking of holograms on coins is a technology which the Mint continues to perfect and it returns on a new coin series featuring the bold artwork of artist Andy Everson.  This captivating effect graces a 1 oz. fine silver coin celebrating the interconnections between Canada's people and their natural environment, starting with Land - The Beaver.  The same designed is found on a $200 face value pure gold coin with radiating bands on contrasting finishes to embellish the central design by this K'ómoks First Nation artist.  

Other Aboriginal culture series follow with the $5 fine silver coin Tradition of Hunting: Canada Goose by artist Tim Whiskeychan and the $20 fine silver coin The Seven Sacred Teachings: Humility designed by Nathalie Bertin, while these series continue:

•  the 2014 $15 Fine Silver Coin – Exploring Canada: The Vikings,
designed by John Mantha;
•  Ducks of Canada, featuring the Harlequin Duck on coloured
$10 fine silver and 25-cent cupronickel coins designed by Trevor Tennant;
•  the 2014 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Autumn Falls by artist
Tony Bianco, featuring colour over engraved relief;
•  the 2014 $5 Fine Silver Coin – Flowers in Canada: Rose,
featuring a yellow rose created by the oxidation of the coin's niobium core;
•  and the $10 and $25 fine silver coins from the O Canada series featuring the northern lights.

The theme of nature also returns with several new products:

•  the 2014 $20 Fine Silver Coin – Cougar: Atop a Mountain
by artist Glen Loates.  This is the first of a five-coin set which will
feature two more coins in 99.99% pure silver, as well as a pure gold
and platinum coin, also available in a full subscription, or a three-coin
subscription for the silver issues;
•  the White-Tailed Deer, on a $200 Pure Gold Coin (Quietly Exploring)
by Trevor Tennant and a $20 Fine Silver Coin (A Challenge) by Desmond McCaffrey;
•  the Grizzly Bear, in  a design by Emily Damstra on a half-gram 25-Cent
Pure Gold Coin and a $300 face value, 1 oz., 99.95% pure platinum coin.

In early preparation for the holiday season, the 2014 Holiday Gift Set, featuring a limited-edition one-dollar multi-ply plated steel coin, is also available to the public.

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All of these products can be ordered directly from the Mint at 1-800-267-1871 in Canada, 1-800-268-6468 in the US, or online at (subject to availability). The coins are also available at the Royal Canadian Mint's boutiques in Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver, as well as through our global network of dealers and distributors, including participating Canada Post outlets.

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