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Family Fridays Activities

Activate your inner artist with our colouring pages, flex your brain with our Mint inspired games, and get out and explore your surroundings with our family fun activities - this series is fun for the young and young at heart. Happy Family Fridays!

Who to thank first…Printable Thank You Card for Kids

Age is but a number, and gratitude knows no bounds. No matter your age, the last few months have affected everyone, and we all need a way to show our appreciation for those who have helped us through it, and for those who will continue to be by our side.

For our young ones with lots of love in their heart, but little in their pocket, we’ve created a “thank you” card just for them. For educators, family, friends, anyone who has touched theirs lives, this customizable card, inspired by the new 2020 Recognition Medal, is great way for kids to show their appreciation.

Click the image below to download yours now!

What's in your pocket?

Did you know that the Royal Canadian Mint makes all of Canada’s coins?  It’s true! Let’s see if you know what the coins are called and what they look like.

There is one for 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, $1 and $2.

Click on the images below to download yours and play now!

Add your creativity to Canada's circulation coins! Click on the image below to download your own coin colouring booklet.


Father's Day Colouring Cards

With Father’s Day coming up, we want to help you show your dad how much you love him with one of our colouring cards.

Which one would your dad like best? Click on the images below to download yours now!



Word Search – Name Game

If you have ever visited our Winnipeg or Ottawa facility, you’ve probably met one of the Mint’s most famous members of security, and honorary member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). At 5.6 feet tall, our wise moose has been keeping a watchful eye over our buildings, team members, and visitors for over 15 years!

Want to know his name? Then let’s play the name game!

First, locate all the Royal Canadian Mint related words hidden in the word search. Once you circle all of the words, the letters left over will spell our moose’s name.

Click on the image below to download and play. Happy searching! 

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