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What’s the best way to store your coins?

Oil, dirt and even just plain air can damage coin finishes. So can humidity and temperature extremes. If you want to keep your collection in “mint” condition (pun intended), what’s the best way to do it? The answer can depend on your priorities. Are you looking to preserve your coins as investments or do you want to be able to look at and display them?

If preservation is your goal...


  • Store your coins in a dark, dry, temperature-controlled environment.
  • Choose archival-quality storage products free of PVC and other chemicals that could decompose over time and contaminate your coins.
  • Organize your coins in a holder or album — whether that’s inexpensive cardboard “2x2s” with see-through mylar pockets or a large coin album that fits your entire collection.
  • Add acid-free paper sleeves or coin slides to an album for extra protection.
  • Use coin slabs to protect your most valuable coins. These are sonically sealed to defend against just about any kind of damage.
  • For security, store your collection in a home safe or bank storage vault.

If you want to display your coins…


  • Display your coins in specially designed coin frames or display boxes to see them from all angles without touching them.
  • Turn coins with special meaning into jewellery by following tutorials or using our sterling silver pendant necklace-making kit. This does expose coins to greater risk of damage or loss, so it’s best for coins not intended as long-term investments.


Don’t forget to document


Whether you’re storing to preserve or display, always use products that are designed specifically for coins, as substitutes may not provide proper protection. And no matter how you store your collection, keep a complete record of what it contains. Use a spreadsheet, app or other solution to catalogue mintage and purchase dates, coin value, and details on storage and handling. This could be useful if you decide to sell any of your coins or for insurance claims. It’s also a good way to keep track of when you need to update or replace your storage media.


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