1 oz. Fine Silver 4-Coin Subscription – Weather Phenomenon – Mintage: 8,000 (2015)

1 oz. Fine Silver 4-Coin Subscription – Weather Phenomenon – Mintage: 8,000 (2015)

$99.95 CAD  per coin
Mintage: 8,000
Canada and US only

A FIRST: Includes a black light flashlight that makes the lightning bolts on the coin radiate across the sky!

First coin in the subscription: Summer Storm—In nature, there are few displays of raw power that are more spectacular and breathtaking than the sudden flash of a lightning bolt against the dark sky. Through the innovative use of technology, all the power and light of a thunderstorm on a hot summer day blows across this coin’s surface, re-creating Mother Nature’s most electrifying light show to stunning effect—all in the palm of your hand.

These are beautiful coins that you will show to your friends and family again and again! Order your subscription today before they’re all gone!

Special Features:
•   A FIRST: Your 4-coin subscription includes a black light flashlight with your first coin! The artistry of the reverse can be appreciated in any light, but viewing it under black light activates the special technology that adds an intense vibrancy to the lightning bolts. Subscribe today and receive your second coin this winter, and two coins next year in spring and fall!
•   Crafted in 99.99% pure silver with a limited mintage of 8,000, each coin in this subscription conveys the beauty and intensity of nature’s fury.
•   World-class technology and a stunning image of the Canadian landscape mean that these awe-inspiring coins are sure to be sought after by collectors.
•   Your coins are GST/HST exempt.

First coin design:
The first coin in your subscription was designed by two Canadian artists, Tony Bianco and Arnold Nogy, and represents a stormy natural landscape. A lone eastern white pine, shaped by steady winds, rises from a small rocky island in Ontario’s Georgian Bay. In the distance, stylized forests cower under a stormy sky that seems to glow with energy as Mother Nature unleashes her power. Viewing the reverse under a black light (included) activates the coin’s specialized technology, allowing the lightning bolts to radiate across the sky with a stunning life-like intensity and exceptional luminosity.

Order today!




Thank you for your response to my query. I now have all four coins in the case with the black light flashlights and WOW WOW – this is one of my favourite sets – especially when they are all laid out together in their case. TY RCM

~ valeria ~

~ vancouver ~


very disapointed with second coin


first coin in series was amazing, second coin fell short with just being a plain ordinary coin, had to call the mint to verify it was the correct coin for the series because it has no black light technology and it does not fit the theme of nature, just a plain coin with a bird on it.


Fort McMurray, Alberta


Third coin still not up to par


Just received the third coin in the series, slightly better than the second coin but still no where near the first coin as it was advertised. Now I can understand why the mint wants all subscribers to wait until the last coin before they will give you the presentation case!! Because, if they were to send out the case together with the first coin, many of the series subscribers would have cancelled out after seeing the extremely disappointing second coin in the series! Now, subscribers got stuck, they either accept the entire series or they have to keep their coins in that plastic pouch. RCM, way to go to disappoint many of your loyal customers!!!






Very disappointing second coin, makes me question my investments with RCM altogether. 4 years for a full series, of which only the first coin holds true to theme? RCM is just grabbing cash with this series now when it could have made it truly unique. Wish I just bought the first coin.




Disappointing second coin in this series...


Normally a subscription series with RCM completes within a year or so, but this one takes some 4 years, I thought it was due to the backlit technology that takes time to evolve, but I was completely wrong. The first coin in the series is exceptional, however the second coin that comes a year later is a total disappointment, it has basically nothing to do with 'weather phenomenon' at all and the coin is absolutely ordinary at best. I also have to wait two more years to get the coin case to house these coins since they are all simply come in a plastic wrapping and there is no easy way to keep the flashlight together with the first coin together, I am pretty sure many of us will have lost the flashlight, or that the flashlight will be out of commission by the time the case come in two more years later. I hope that at the end of the series when the case does come in 2018 or later, the case BETTER also has a slot for the flashlight in addition to the four coins in the series!!




Strong opener, disappointing second entry


On the edge with this series, right now, and only two coins in. First coin was excellent, but the second features the birds and berries far more prominently than anything weather-related, with no apparent use of the blacklight feature that so strikingly characterized the first coin, making me wonder whether that second coin is really part of the weather series at all. It's a lovely coin in its own right, but as part of the weather series? Not so much. Will the series redeem itself? Stay tuned...


London, ON


One hit wonder ith no follow up


I liked the first coin but I have cancelled my 2 orders because the second coin sucks plus customer service can't give me any reassurance that the 3rd and 4th coin won't be like the 2nd coin. Tis series is a perfect example of false advertising. If this series was a band they would make it on the chart for one hit wonders.


San Diego, ca




I was under the impression that all the coins in the series would work with the black light flashlight. The second one doesn't. What a disappointment! I'm cancelling the rest of the order.

Pigeon of death metal





The first coin is pretty. I received the corroded battery, "stuck" on/off button, "doesn't work" flashlight a few months later. After two, 1 hour long waits on the phone for customer service and with replies of "I will get the customer service to call you back" and "i will send you a label through the email", i am still stuck with a useless "free" flashlight


toronto, Ont


Black light coins? Well the first one is.


The first in the series was very beautiful and the black light make the lightning jump out very nicely. I just received the second of the series and although it is quite pretty and colourful the black light appears to no effect on the coin. Unlike the lightning on the first coin that jumps right out at you this one only seems to reflect the light back at you and even that may be saying too much for its effect. Hopefully the last 2 coins of the series take greater advantage of the supplied black light.


Ontario Canada


1 oz. Fine Silver 4-Coin Subscription – Weather Phenomenon – Mintage: 8000 (2015)

3.2 25


When will the last coin be released?


Thank you for your question. The last coin begins shipping on October 4, 2016.

When is the next coin in the black light series coming out


Thank you for your question. The next coin in the series should be unveiled in April.


  • No.148514
  • Mintage8,000
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 31.39
  • Diameter (mm) 38
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value20 dollars
  • ArtistTony Bianco and Arnold Nogy (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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