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2-Coin Subscription - Woolly Mammoth - Mintage: 3,000 (2014)

2-Coin Subscription - Woolly Mammoth - Mintage: 3,000 (2014)

$184.95 CAD  per coin
Mintage: 3,000
Canada and US only
1 per household

First in the new Prehistoric Animals Series! Subscribe today!

Despite the species’ extinction 10,000 years ago, the woolly mammoth continues to inspire and intrigue many who identify it with the last glacial period. With these finely detailed coins, the Royal Canadian Mint celebrates this impressive mammal that once roamed parts of present-day Canada.

The mammoth fills nearly the entire face of each coin, shown in a striking side profile, sculpted in exceptional detail. Subscribe today!

Special features:
•   First in the new Prehistoric Animals Series! Subscribe today and receive both the silver and the gold Woolly Mammoths!
•   Your subscription consists of two equal payments of $184.95. Your silver coin ships first and you will receive your gold coin one month later.
•   Image fills almost the entire coin!
•   This finely detailed portrayal of the mammoth has been selectively frosted to enhance the soft natural texture of the fur, and accent its smooth, curved tusks.
•   The pose highlights the imposing stature of the mammoth, and the natural beauty of the tusks which could grow to 4 meters long!
•   Your coins are GST/HST exempt with a limited worldwide mintage.

The coin features a scientifically accurate depiction of a woolly mammoth, verified by paleontologists from the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology. With its head raised, the mammoth’s trunk is outstretched between its famously long, curved tusks. The thick, coarse fur that enables it to survive the colder temperatures is shorter here, reflecting the moulting that scientists believe took place in the early summer. The mammoth’s extra hump of fat is seen over the shoulders and are in the background, the low grasses and gentle sloping hills of the mammoth’s habitat stretches past the image’s outer rim on both sides.

Your coins are encapsulated and presented in individual Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshells with custom beauty boxes.

Subscribe today!


Awesome deal!!!!


Wonderful value. Considering the cost of an equivalent 99.99% pure gold coin at $279.95 with a 3000 mintage, you are getting the Silver coin at $89.95. This is fantastic, as it's 1.5 ounces and the equivalent 1 to 2 ounce silver coins are priced between $169.85 to $200.00


Calgary, Alberta


realistic beautiful proof coins


again the amazing mint has put together 2 great proof mintage first in a great new series to come.the woolly mammoth very desirable coin.the coin was verified for being produced based one actual documentation from famous museum its gorgeous already SOLD OUT AT MINT .keep em coming i am ready master club member




This is the Best ! I Love it !!!


"Woolly Mammoth" coins looks GREAT ! I would love to have the silver & GOLD coins - especially knowing that there will be more "Prehistoric Animal" coins to follow. I can afford to spend $369.90 on these two coins and hope there is many more . Keep it up RCM !! A++++




.6666 fine silver


I just have to say that it looks like the coin is marked 6666 fine silver. If you follow the boarder it really looks that way to me. I find that it makes this coin even more special. As previous reviewer mentioned, you can get them from retailers as single coin at regular mint price. Glad I could get one. Thanks RCM


New Brunswick


Nice Looking Set


This looks like a beautiful coin set with very nice art work and presentation. A mintage of only 3000 on the gold coin is a plus as well. I rated this coin set based on novelty and appearance of the coins themselves rather than whether or not I can afford them. For those interested in just a single coin, on-line retailers currently sell them individually at the standard mint issue prices.


Edmonton, AB


Lovely Coin but marketing questionable


I bought the subscription thinking that BOTH coins were limited to 3000 not just the gold coin. I am very happy with the silver coin but I find that it has a total issue of 7500!! apparently there are plans to issue the silver coin separate from the subscription. What then are the benefits of subscribing this is not made clear. Takes the edge of of the deal. Please change the description.




Amazing artwork...too pricy for my purse


Hope the mint issues singles like they did with the bald eagles, would love to purchase the silver coin, or subscribe to a set of the silver coins. With a nice display box would be great. The gold is too pricy for the size of the coin. Guess I'll have to wait until they break up the set and sell on E-bay.


Tburg, On


Nice Silver - Too Pricey with Gold


These "Woolly Mammoth" coins look amazing! I would love to have the silver coin - especially knowing that there will be more "Prehistoric Animal" coins to follow. However, there is no way I can afford to spend $369.90 on these two coins. If I could purchase the 38mm silver coin separately for $89.95 I would gladly do so. By only selling it with the expensive gold version, the RCM has lost a sale to me. This seems to be another example of the RCM giving us the hard sell to buy more expensive coins. Not appreciated - I love buying RCM coins, but I spend only what I can afford. I can't go further than that! I wish there was a subscription for just the silver "Prehistoric Animal" coins, with a nice box included. I would gladly sign up for that! Will the silver coin be offered for sale separately? I hope so!


Toronto ON Canada


2-Coin Subscription - Woolly Mammoth - Mintage: 3000 (2014)

3.9 8



  • No.141852

1 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Woolly Mammoth

  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 31.39
  • Diameter (mm) 38
  • Edgeserrated
  • ArtistMichael Skrepnick (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

1/10 oz. Pure Gold Coin - Woolly Mammoth

  • Composition99.99% pure gold
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 3.14
  • Diameter (mm) 16
  • Edgeserrated
  • ArtistMichael Skrepnick (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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