1 oz. Pure Gold Coin – Maple Leaf Silhouette – Mintage: 800 (2016)

1 oz. Pure Gold Coin – Maple Leaf Silhouette – Mintage: 800 (2016)

$2,799.95 CAD
Mintage: 800
Canada and US only

A WORLD'S FIRST! Our first pure gold maple leaf shaped coin!

The coin's unusual design recreates the familiar shape of a maple leaf—specifically that of a sugar maple (Acer saccharum). Its unique outline showcases some of this maple leaf's defining characteristics, such as the wavy nature of the leaf's edge and the curved sinuses between its palmate lobes. Intricate detailing on the reverse gives it a life-like quality, with engraved veins running through the three upper lobes and the two smaller basal lobes.

A gorgeous gold maple leaf, you will want to show to friends and family again and again! Order today!

Special features:
  • A WORLD'S FIRST! Our first pure gold maple leaf shaped coin!
  • UNIQUE LEAF SHAPE! Given the complex edging and meticulously engraved details, the coin's unique leaf shape is a proud testament to the Canadian spirit of innovation and the Royal Canadian Mint's reputation for outstanding craftsmanship.
  • SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT! The coin is the product of an exacting manufacturing process, which includes the use of specialized equipment to shape the dies and the laborious task of controlling the gold to ensure uniformity.
  • CUSTOM WOODEN CASE! Comes encapsulated in a custom wooden case ideal for preserving Canada's national icon.
  • ONE OUNCE OF 99.99% PURE GOLD! Your coin is GST/HST exempt!

About the Design:

Your coin features a meticulously detailed engraving that captures the likeness and unique shape of a beloved Canadian icon: a leaf from a sugar maple (Acer saccharum) tree. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.


Your coin comes encapsulated in a custom wooden case ideal for preserving Canada's national icon.

Order your coin today!


Shipping Problems


The coin had fallen out of the capsule during transit and was marked. The case is a poor wood imitation. Not the best product the Mint has produced. Too bad about the Queen's effigy that looks awful. Sorry I bought it.


Coldwater ON


Nice coin, problem with case


The coin itself looks nice and the box presentation is good, but the actual plastic holder for the coin was open when I first opened the box. It seems like this is a common problem since there's so many reviews that say the same. I didn't have time too look at it in detail as I just got it this morning, I'm going to carefully look at it and see if there's any damage from it coming out during shipping to decide if I'm going to keep it. If you're thinking about buying it.....I'm not sure, it's a very nice and unique coin but also has a very high premium. I suppose value wise time will tell if the price of the coin goes up, I just couldn't say.



Garbage in, garbage out.


Hopefully gold goes to $2,799.99/oz or you've wasted your money on the current premium.

Honest Ed

Ottawa, ON


Amazing coin - Great Investment


Beautiful piece, makes a great addition to any pm investment portfolio. Low mintage, first coin of its kind, amazing quality, and sure to rapidly increase in value. If I had to find fault it would be that it is not offered in five "9"'s purity. 10 out of 10

Toronto Gold Investor





This coin for some reason lacked the usual detail that the mint strives for.




Who knew you could make a maple leaf 1oz coin !!


When i opened it the coin was not in place and the plastic coin casing was apart and should have been sealed together at the mint with the RCM seal. Otherwise liked it very much.




The design is good but the mood quality is not very good


Just keep it in the safe and no point to look it up again.


Edmonton Alberta


looks like a girl guide cookie


the plastic cover of the coin came off as I opened it




1 oz. Pure Gold Coin – Maple Leaf Silhouette – Mintage: 800 (2016)

2.8 8


Dear Canadian Mint, please help me understand the price structure. As of Mar 2, 2018 the price of Gold is US$1,311 per troy ounce and US$1.00 = C$1.29. So the material cost in this 1oz 99.99% pure gold coin is approximately C$1691.19. You are selling it at C$2,799.95. So the difference of C$1,108.76 represent labour, overhead and profit ? Thank you for you answer. James


Hello James and thank you for submitting your question. The Mint produces limited-mintage numismatic coins honouring major national achievements and themes. Though they bear a denomination, they are not meant for circulation, and their actual worth is usually significantly greater than their face value. Crafted of gold, silver or platinum, the Mint's collector coins are individually handled as they enter the presses. A single coin may be struck up to three times to achieve a crisp, flawless impression. Certain coins feature the Mint's proprietary technologies: double holograms, selective plating, colouring or laser enhancement.

Chantal (Customer Service)


  • No.149830
  • Mintage800
  • Composition99.99% pure gold
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 31.25
  • Diameter (mm) 39.6 mm x 38 mm
  • Edgeplain
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value200 dollars
  • ArtistSusanna Blunt (obverse)

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