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1 oz. Pure Gold Coin - 30th Anniversary of the Silver Maple Leaf - Mintage: 375 (2018)

1 oz. Pure Gold Coin - 30th Anniversary of the Silver Maple Leaf - Mintage: 375 (2018)

Sold out
$2,899.95 CAD
Mintage: 375
Canada and US only

A FIRST! Features a silver-cast 3D maple leaf on a 99.99% pure gold coin! Order today!

It has been 30 years since our Silver Maple Leaf (SML) bullion coin made its debut, yet its signature design still resonates with investors and collectors worldwide. In honour of the SML’s 30th anniversary, this exquisite tribute “lifts” the bullion coin’s iconic maple leaf off its engraved reverse and gently deposits it here as a 3D design element.

Your coin’s 2D design makes the jump to 3D, thanks to high-intricacy casting! Order today!

Special features:
  • A 2D DESIGN MAKES THE JUMP TO 3D! A special celebration to mark the 30-year history of our Silver Maple Leaf (SML) bullion coin, whose familiar design is re-imagined in more dimensional detail than ever.
  • A MINT FIRST (AND SECOND)! This is only the second coin to feature high intricacy casting, but the FIRST to feature a silver-cast element on its reverse.
  • SILVER AND GOLD! The design offers the best of both worlds: a 99.9% pure silver-cast maple leaf (nominal weight of 1.90 grams) affixed to the surface of a 99.99% pure gold coin (nominal metal weight of 31.16 grams). In addition, your coin has no GST/HST.
  • REVERSE-PROOF FINISH! Like the SML, your gold coin also features a reverse proof finish, which heightens the polished shine of the silver-cast leaf that has been securely affixed to your coin’s surface.
  • FIRST-CLASS CRAFTSMANSHIP! High intricacy casting gives the maple leaf more dimension and depth than otherwise possible—from the pointed edges to the controlled flow of silver that gives the leaf an undulated appearance.
  • A HIGH ATTENTION TO DETAIL FROM START TO FINISH! To complement the exquisite design and craftsmanship, your first-class collectible coin is encapsulated and carefully enclosed in a luxurious wooden case, which further adds to the overall appeal.
  • INCLUDES SERIALIZED CERTIFICATE! The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins. Most of these are serialized certifications, meaning that each certificate is given a unique number, starting at 1.
  • LOW MINTAGE! Your coin has a limited worldwide mintage of just 375.


Your coin re-imagines the iconic maple leaf that has been a fixture on the Silver Maple Leaf (SML) bullion coin since 1988. The engraved surface of the gold coin features a reverse proof finish, along with the words “CANADA” and “30 YEARS/ANS”, the face value “200 DOLLARS” and the double dates “1988-2018” that commemorate the SML’s 30th anniversary. But the star of the coin is the silver-cast maple leaf; highly intricate casting reproduces each lobe’s sharply pointed edges and the deeply imprinted veins that give this undulated leaf a natural look and feel, as though it has gently come to rest after tumbling down from a tree. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded premium wooden case.

Order today!


I love Never had a bad coin


Beautiful gold coin as usual. thank you


Phila. Pa.


Stunning gold coin


The raised maple leaf on this coin is the defining point. Truly unique!

Coin man

Montreal, Quebec




This is a beautiful showcase coin. The 3D design has greatly enhanced the overall look of the coin. It is a great addition to any collection.


Los Angeles, CA



4.7 3


How is the silver maple leaf bonded to the gold coin?


Thank you for your question. The Silver maple leaf is bonded by interlocking it to the coin and an adhesion.

Matt (Product Team)

What is the actual weight of the gold and silver maple leaf. Spec for the gold content of 31.16 grams but the silver info is missing. The info is incomplete thanks


total weight is 33.06 grams


Hello and thank you for asking. The a 99.9% pure silver-cast maple leaf (nominal weight of 1.90 grams) affixed to the surface of a 99.99% pure gold coin (nominal metal weight of 31.16 grams).

Chantal (Customer Service)


  • No.166153
  • Mintage375
  • Composition99.99% pure gold
  • Finishreverse proof
  • Weight (g) 31.16
  • Diameter (mm) 30
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value200 dollars
  • ArtistSusanna Blunt (obverse)

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