1 oz. Pure Gold Coloured 3-Coin Set – Alluring Maple Leaves of Fall – Mintage: 300 (2015)

1 oz. Pure Gold Coloured 3-Coin Set – Alluring Maple Leaves of Fall – Mintage: 300 (2015)

$8,000.00 CAD
Mintage: 300
Canada and US only

Three gorgeous designs. Low mintage. Crafted in pure gold with vibrant colour!

Savour the colourful dance of autumn any time of year with this breathtaking pure gold set. Each coin is beautifully enhanced with colour to showcase the maple leaf's deep summertime green; the various hues of red, orange and gold that begin to emerge in early autumn; and finally, the deep crimson red that delivers the season's crescendo across the landscape.

A dazzling trilogy of gold and colour, limited to just 300 sets worldwide! Order yours today!

Special features:
  • Your rare 3-coin set of selectively coloured coins struck in our renowned 99.99% pure gold offers a stunning and unique opportunity.
  • Each of the coins in this set is distinguished by exceptional engraving and colour detail. Precise shading and the use of various finishing techniques bring life, depth, and movement to the beautiful autumn leaves as they tumble to the ground. The colours are highly representative of the shift in pigmentation of sugar maple leaves as they lose chlorophyll in autumn, accurately capturing their fleeting transition from dark green to golden yellow to deepest crimson.
  • Exceptionally low mintage of only 300 sets means that these coins are sure to be sought after by collectors around the world.
  • Your coin set is GST/HST exempt.

About the Design:

Designed by Canadian artist Michelle Grant, your coins feature sugar maple leaves at each stage of autumnal coloration. Each coin bears a detailed engraving of three tumbling maple leaves, one of which is selectively coloured. On the first coin, the coloured leaf is the sugar maple's natural dark green. On the second, the central leaf has begun its transformation and its green centre is rimmed in gold and orange and outlined in red. Its stem has turned red as well. On the third coin, the coloured leaf is deep crimson.


Each coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maple wood case with a full colour graphic beauty box.

Order your 3-coin set today!

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Looks great !!!


Coins look great . Unique set. Never seen $200 coins before.


Calgary Alberta


wish I could order


I never liked coloured gold coins. But this set truely looks so wonderful. So sad you do not ship to Europe :-(


Berlin, Germany

Gorgeous set of Gold Coins for sure


A beautiful design over three coins. The colours are terrific. very low mintage too! The terrific looking presentation box. This is one coin set I'm extremely glad I have decided to add to my colection


Calgary, AB


gorgeous set!


great quality and beautiful stunning design. The mix of gold and coloured maple leafs really works well.

Long Term Collector



1 oz. Pure Gold Coloured 3-Coin Set – Alluring Maple Leaves of Fall – Mintage: 300 (2015)

5.0 4


Are these 3 separate coins that are 1 oz each? It is hard to tell because the description says it is one ounce but the price would lead one to believe each coin is an ounce for a total of 3 oz.


Hi Lehmanlaw, Correct, these gold coins are 1 oz each.


3 coins each 1oz, 3 oz in summary

Doc Hein

Each individual coin is a one ounce 99.99% pure gold coin


Is each coin 1 oz or do all 3 coins total 1 oz? Thank you!


Thank you for your question. Each coin is 1 oz.

It says 31 grams. For the cost of 8 grand .I would think they are 1oz each.



  • No.147514
  • Mintage300
  • Composition99.99% pure gold
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 31.16
  • Diameter (mm) 30
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value200 dollars
  • ArtistMichelle Grant (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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