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1 oz. Pure Silver Coin - The Dieppe Raid - Mintage: 5,000 (2018)

1 oz. Pure Silver Coin - The Dieppe Raid - Mintage: 5,000 (2018)

$94.95 CAD
Mintage: 5,000
Canada and US only

A heartfelt thank you to the veterans of the Dieppe Raid for their heroism, service and sacrifice. Order today.

They are the brave; the heroic; the everyday Canadians who, over the course of nine terrible hours of fighting, would prove a nation's mettle under a relentless hail of enemy fire. We remember the Dieppe Raid as an example of the bravery and steadfastness of Canadians, even on our darkest day of the war, when nearly 5,000 of our airmen, sailors, and soldiers took part in the raid on the occupied French port—but only 2,200 returned. The poignant design of your pure silver coin reflects on the legacy of that fateful day in 1942. It is a heartfelt thank you to the veterans of the Dieppe Raid for their heroism, service and sacrifices, and a haunting tribute to the spirit of all our combatants who fought at Puys, Pourville, and on Dieppe's pebble beach.

A moving tribute in 99.99% pure silver to commemorate the Dieppe Raid. Order today.

Special features:
  • A SPECIAL COMMEMORATION: The Dieppe Raid casts a long shadow on Canadian history. Your special collectible is an act of remembrance honouring the Canadian combatants who landed on the beaches or flew in the skies over Dieppe on August 19, 1942.
  • HONOURING THE LEGACY: Engraved in outstanding detail, the moving scene depicts the pebble beach where it all happened, and where a Canadian veteran takes a moment to salute the fallen who appear as a reflection in the water.
  • HISTORICAL EFFIGY: The obverse of your coin features the effigy of King George VI, as it appeared on all Canadian coins minted during the Second World War.
  • INCLUDES SERIALIZED CERTIFICATE: The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins. Most of these are serialized certifications, meaning that each certificate is given a unique number, starting at 1.
  • LOW MINTAGE: Limited to 5,000 coins worldwide.
  • 1 OZ. PURE SILVER: Your coin is crafted from 99.99% pure silver.


Artist Laurie McGaw bridges the past and present with the poignant image of a Canadian veteran returning to the site of the 1942 landing at Dieppe, France. Standing at the water's edge, the decorated veteran leans on his cane with his right arm raised in an open-palm salute. Prominently pinned on his blazer are two campaign stars—the 1939-45 Star and the France and Germany Star—alongside the Defence Medal, the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with the Dieppe Bar and the Overseas Bar, and the War Medal. Behind him are the alabaster cliffs that gave the enemy a commanding view of the beach below, where Canadians came ashore under heavy enemy fire. Reflected on the water's surface, the appearance of Canadian soldiers standing at attention is an additional act of remembrance for Canada's combatants, whose actions and sacrifice at Dieppe will not be forgotten. The reverse includes the words "THE DIEPPE RAID LE RAID SUR DIEPPE" engraved on a banner, along with the word "CANADA" and the year "2018". The obverse features the effigy of King George VI by T. H. Paget.

Did you know...
  • Code-named "Operation Jubilee," the Dieppe Raid was Canada's first army engagement on the Western Front during the Second World War. The 2nd Canadian Infantry Division formed the bulk of the assault force, which also included nearly 1,000 British commandos and 50 American Army Rangers.
  • The Allied plan called for four flank attacks at dawn—at Berneval and Puys in the east, and at Varengeville and Pourville in the west—followed by a direct attack on the town of Dieppe.
  • Some of the greatest losses occurred in the east, where the delayed landing on the heavily fortified "Blue Beach" at Puys resulted in rapid casualties for the Royal Regiment of Canada and the Black Watch of Canada.
  • At Pourville ("Green Beach"), the South Saskatchewan Regiment and the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada pressed on after coming ashore, but were forced to stop and withdraw after encountering heavy enemy resistance.
  • Coming ashore in daylight, the main ground assault force was easily spotted on the pebble beach. Many were cut down before they could reach the seawall. Fifteen of the 27 tanks landed by the 14th Canadian Army Tank Regiment (Calgary Regiment) breached that obstacle, but could not force their way into the town.
  • Landing at the western end of the beachfront promenade, the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry cleared a casino and some nearby pillboxes before entering the occupied town and engaging in street fighting.
  • Mistakenly believing the Essex Scottish Regiment had made headway, Les Fusiliers Mont-Royal were sent in as reinforcements; they, too, were quickly pinned down by enemy fire on the beach. Twenty-two members of the Calgary Highlanders also came ashore, as did several from the Toronto Scottish Regiment, which suffered one casualty while providing offshore ground support.
  • In the skies, the Royal Air Force suffered its heaviest single-day losses of the war (106 aircraft), while the Royal Canadian Air Force lost 13 aircraft.
  • Two Canadians were awarded the Victoria Cross for their actions at Dieppe: Honorary Captain J. W. Foote, Padre of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, and Lieutenant-Colonel C. C. I. Merritt of the South Saskatchewan Regiment. Both were taken as prisoners of war — a fate shared by nearly 1,950 Canadians at Dieppe.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a black beauty box.

Your silver coin reflects on the Dieppe Raid as a lesson in heroism, sacrifice, and remembrance. Order today.


I would buy again


very nice


Vancouver, BC


I am happy with this coin. Is there more for dieppe?


Collector coin in memory of my father in law who fought in Dieppe and was a p.o.w. there for. 2.5 years






itmoves you to never forget


Nova Scotia








I would recommend to others


Ingot I to go with the one from last year my dad was at Dieppe so it has special meaning


Hamilton,Ont. Canada


I would buy from Royal Canadian Mint again


I am real happy with this coin, Thank You.


Pikevillke, Tennessee


I think this is inspired coin. It is simple, not over-done.


I collect Canadian military coins and this is one of the best. You have to look closely before the shadows of fallen comrades are noticed. Gone, but not forgotten, in the oft forgotten Dieppe Landing that helped design the succesful D-Day landings, a few years later.


Bruce County, ON, Canada


Extremely thoughtful design


This design is poignant and thought provoking. A wonderful tribute to our heroes.




I really love this collection and would definitely recommend


I really like this coin along with the whole collection. Nothing wrong with it in my opinion

Rob the Knob

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Remembering the Dieppe Raid


Obviously issued in order to make amends for previously releasing a coin titled "The Battle of Dieppe" (when most Canadian veterans & historians refer to it as a 'raid'), it is nevertheless a nice coin...

Reg M.

Edmonton, Alta



4.6 37


Is this coin part of a series?


Hello Dean and thank you for asking. This coin is not part of a specific series.


Is this legal tender in North America because I thought that Canadian coins had to have the reigning sovereign, i.e. Queen Elizabeth on the obverse?


Hello and thank you for asking. Yes, the coin is legal tender. The obverse of the coin features the effigy of King George VI, as it appeared on all Canadian coins minted during the Second World War.



  • No.168084
  • Mintage5,000
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 31.39
  • Diameter (mm) 38
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value20 dollars
  • ArtistLaurie McGaw (reverse), T. H. Paget (obverse)

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