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10 oz. Pure Silver Double-Concave Coin - Wolves: Nature's Grandeur Series - Mintage: 500 (2019)

10 oz. Pure Silver Double-Concave Coin - Wolves: Nature's Grandeur Series - Mintage: 500 (2019)

$999.95 CAD

Payment plan options available

Mintage: 500
Canada and US only
92% SOLD! 

DOUBLE CONCAVE. Your 10 oz. pure silver coin is concave on both sides. Order today!

Unfairly maligned in folklore and fairy tales, the wolf (Canis lupus) is a keystone species whose legendary hunting skills combine cunning, speed, agility and teamwork. It easily commands attention with its unyielding gaze and territorial behaviour; but the wolf is above all a social creature, moving in a tight-knit pack of up to 12 members of the same extended family group that cleverly collaborate to defend their territory, care for the pups and keep prey populations in check. The varying colour of the wolf’s fur is one of many adaptations that allow it to survive in different ecosystems, including Canada’s boreal forest, where its plaintive howl is the definitive call of the wild.

Stunning! Another 10 oz. double-concave coin! Order today!

Special features:
  • WOW! A DOUBLE-CONCAVED PIEDFORT COIN! Struck on a specially designed blank, your coin features a curved-shaped reverse and obverse.
  • SECOND COIN IN A TWO-COIN SERIES! Your coin is the second in a two-coin double-concave series: Nature’s Grandeur!
  • ALSO AVAILABLE IN A TWO-COIN SUBSCRIPTION! While supplies last, order the Nature’s Grandeur 2-coin subscription to ensure you receive both coins (Brown Bear, Wolves) in the series! Your credit card is charged only when your coin ships!
  • MORE THAN A YEAR IN THE MAKING! The twin-concave technology is the product of extensive research and development. Several prototypes were tested to achieve the highest amount of relief possible while ensuring a symmetrical curvature—a remarkable feat of engineering.
  • UNPARALLELED BEAUTY! While the inward-curving shape pulls you into the design, your coin’s 60 mm diameter allows for an outstanding amount of finely engraved details.
  • DOUBLE THE THICKNESS! This piedfort piece is twice as thick and weighs far more (311.5 g) than your average silver coin.
  • LIMITED WORLDWIDE MINTAGE! Only 500 coins available worldwide!


The concave-shaped reverse provides a uniquely shaped canvas for this wildlife portrait by artist Denis Mayer Jr. In a Canadian forest, two wolves (Canis lupus) pause at the edge of a cliff that gives them a commanding view of their territory. One wolf keeps a watchful eye on what lies below while the other has turned its head to face the viewer, bringing its facial features into full view. The finely engraved forest setting is enhanced with various finishes that add a sense of depth to the inward-curving design, which also includes the word “CANADA”, the year “2019”. The equally concave-shaped obverse features a concentric pattern of maple leaves and the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.


Your coin is enclosed in a double-concave capsule, so you can fully appreciate its shape and brilliant proof finish.

Order today!


i am not a fan of double concave coin


showcase display


montreal quebec


LOVE THE COIN!!!!!!!!!!!


LOVE the looks of this coin.And the size of it


Farmington, Minnesota USA




I will put this item on display around the holidays. My grandchildren will surely enjoy it.

the gizmo

manalapan, new jersey


Beautiful coin!


I continually am searching for unique coins with low mintages, very specifically here at the Canadian Mint. This coin is one of only 500, it is the first of it's kind (along with the Bear coin) in that it is double concave, 10 ounces, and piedfort edging. It comes in its own protective shell, as well as a handsome Canadian Mint box. At 10 oz, you may expect it to be larger in diameter, but, it is actually simply quite thick - estimating thickness at around 3/8's inch. A beautiful, unique coin, for which you will pay a premium - but this one is worth it!


Colorado, USA


A Beautiful and Weighty Coin


The two Nature's Grandeur coins are magnificent examples of high-end, superb minting. These coins are very substantial and beautiful. The coins are quite expensive, but they are not easy to mint and the edition is quite low. I am pleased with both pieces.


Chicago, IL



4.6 5



  • No.169563
  • Mintage500
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 311.5
  • Diameter (mm) 60
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value100 dollars
  • ArtistDenis Mayer Jr. (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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