12-coin Birthstones Subscription - Pure Silver Coins made with Swarovski® Crystal - Mintage: 4,000 (2018)

12-coin Birthstones Subscription - Pure Silver Coins made with Swarovski® Crystal - Mintage: 4,000 (2018)

$54.95 CAD  per coin
Issue Name Expected shipping date Price
1 Birthstones: January 06/2018 $54.95
2 Birthstones: February 07/2018 $54.95
3 Birthstones: March 08/2018 $54.95
4 Birthstones: April 09/2018 $54.95
5 Birthstones: May 10/2018 $54.95
6 Birthstones: June 11/2018 $54.95
7 Birthstones: July 12/2018 $54.95
8 Birthstones: August 01/2019 $54.95
9 Birthstones: September 02/2019 $54.95
10 Birthstones: October 03/2019 $54.95
11 Birthstones: November 04/2019 $54.95
12 Birthstones: December 05/2019 $54.95
Mintage: 4,000
Canada and US only

Receive all twelve 2018 birthstone coins, one per month! Subscribe today!

The circular form of a mandala ("circle" in Sanskrit) makes it a powerful representation of the universe; of harmony and unity; and the connection between our inner world and the one around us. Inspired by the art of henna, our monthly Birthstone Series offers a colourful take on this timeless motif that combines art, astronomy and geometry. Within the 12-point pattern, selective colour highlights a medley of engraved shapes and patterns emanating from the mandala's centre, where a Swarovski® crystal represents each month's birthstone and adds extra sparkle to this birthday celebration!

Collect all twelve 2018 birthstone coins! Subscribe today!

Special features:
  • 12-COIN MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION! Each coin in this stunning monthly series combines complex engraving, selective colour, and a gem-toned crystal for a sparkling celebration of each birth month! Subscribe* today to receive all 12 coins (each coin priced at $54.95)!
  • EACH COIN FEATURES A GENUINE SWAROVSKI® CRYSTAL! Each coin features a genuine Swarovski® crystal that represents each month's birthstone and its colour.
  • STUNNING COLOUR! Selective colour extends the celebration to the engraved elements emanating from each coin's centre.
  • BEAUTIFULLY ENGRAVED! The mandala layered pattern is beautifully engraved in outstanding detail—including the mid-relief lotus that naturally draws your eye! A different colour per month!
  • FITS IN OUR 27 MM BEZEL! Each of your twelve coins have a 27 mm diameter, allowing you to fit each coin into a bezel! Sold separately, a bezel kit can transform this collectible into a unique piece of wearable jewellery, allowing you to showcase your coin and keep it close to your heart.
  • INCLUDES SERIALIZED CERTIFICATE! The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins.
  • LOW MINTAGE! Limited to 4,000 coins worldwide.
  • PURE SILVER! Each of your 12 coins are crafted from 99.99% pure silver.
  • GST/HST EXEMPT! Your 12-coin subscription is GST/HST exempt.

January coin design:

Designed by Pandora Young, January, the first coin in your birthstone subscription presents a cross-cultural celebration inspired by the ancient tradition of Indian mehndi. A symmetrical arrangement of highly ornate shapes and symbols form a 12-point radial pattern that reflects the calendar year. A prominent henna motif — the lotus — is among the finely detailed elements that emanate from the centre, where a colourful Swarovski® crystal represents the January birthstone, garnet. A selective application of colour complements the stone, while the playful contrast between soft and vivid tones highlights the layered complexity of the engraved artistry. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.


Each of your coins are encapsulated and presented separately in Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshells with black beauty boxes.

Subscribe today!

* Credit card purchases only, charged upon shipment. After purchasing your first coin, you will automatically receive the subsequent coins when they are released. Coins may not be issued in the same order as listed herein. Subscription agreement may be cancelled at your request at any time with a phone call or written notice to the Royal Canadian Mint.


Beautiful piece


What a beautiful piece for our children to have, thank you.


Minnesota, USA


Beautiful Design, Needs Case for Subscription


The design of the coins themselves are quite beautiful and the monthly birthstones are a nice central focus. Given though that they are only a little over 1/4 Oz each though they're quite small and expensive. I would however subscribe to the entire set if it included a presentation case similar to the Canada 150 15-coin set for all 12 coins. Having another dozen clamshell boxes is a waste when the monthly coins would display beautifully together.





4.5 2


I have bought the Feb coin and would like to buy one for three other granddaughters. Can I order them ahead and make sure I get one or have to wait till the month before and order then. Thanks


Hi Linda, thank you for submitting your question. Please note that the birthstone coins come out one month prior to the month ahead. As an example the birthstone coin for March will be available in February.

Free Shipping over $100. These coins ship individually and are under $100, does that mean I will pay shipping twelve times as well? Please clarify. Thanks!


Hello Connor and thank you for submitting your question. Free shipping does not apply to our subscriptions. The first coin is shipped free. Shipping fees apply to each and everyone of the other coins as they ship.

Chantal (Customer Service)

Can they be purchased individually? Must I buy the whole set?


Hello Lenny and thank you for submitting your question. The coins from the 12-coin Birthstones Subscription - Pure Silver Coins made with Swarovski® Crystal - Mintage: 4,000 (2018) can be purchased separately on our website.

Chantal (Customer Service)

It it a beautiful coin however, how one can tell from individual coins what month it is representing except the color?


Hello and thank you for your question. Your coin for the next birthstone month will ship one month ahead and you will be able to reference the colour of the center crystal and corresponding paint colours to the month in the certificate of authenticity.

Erica (Product Team)

My wife's birthday is in November. When will the November Swarovski Birthstone coin be available?


Hi Lou, The November coin in the "12-coin Birthstones Subscription - Pure Silver Coins made with Swarovski® Crystal (2018)" will be released on Oct 2 2018. If you'd like to buy a 2017 version you can either buy the "Pure Silver Coin made with Swarovski® Crystals - Zodiac Series: Scorpio (2017)" (item # 159547) or the "Pure Silver Coin made with Swarovski® Crystals - Zodiac Series: Sagittarius (2017)" (item # 159548) depending when her birthday is.


RE: New 2018 12-Coin Birthstone Series Will there be a wooden RCM collector "box" available for purchase to house/display the full set? There have been 27mm coin subscription sets issued in the past (which I own) and it would be wonderful to be able to highlight 27mm coin sets in an attractive collective manner. I think that if a lovely box was available (for extra $$, of course), this would enhance the experience of acquiring the full set ..... resulting in increased sales for RCM. Right now, I am debating about ordering this lovely coin set in its entirety for this very reason. One of the pleasures of owning coin sets is to be able to view them in their entirety without opening/reopening individual clam shell boxes each time. I await your response.


Hello and thank you for your question! Unfortunately this subscription does not ship with a case that fits all 12 coins however we have several options of floating frames on our website that would beautifully display your coins!

Erica (Product Team)


  • No.166640
  • Mintage4,000
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 7.96
  • Diameter (mm) 27
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value5 dollars
  • ArtistPandora Young (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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