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1/2 oz. Fine Silver 8-Coin Subscription – Looney TunesTM (2015)

1/2 oz. Fine Silver 8-Coin Subscription – Looney TunesTM (2015)

$49.95 CAD  per coin
Mintage: 30,000
Canada and US only

Receive a free collector case with your last coin! Subscribe today! $49.95 per coin!

•  Unique home for $20 for $20 Bugs Bunny coin! The packaging includes space to display your Bugs Bunny $20 for $20 coin!
•  Free Collector’s case tower! All eight coins reveal an exciting image in the collector’s case tower!
•  8th coin featuring the whole gang only available in this subscription! Don’t miss out, if you want the eighth and final “That’s All Folks” coin you must subscribe today!
•  Free Shipping! Enjoy free shipping on all your coins!

Tweety Bird
Tweety has a strong sense of self preservation that prevents Sylvester the Cat from making an easy meal out of him. Their endless antics have made them one of animation’s most successful duos.

Sylvester the Cat
A slave to his feline instincts, Sylvester James Pussycat Sr. is relentless in his pursuit of Tweety. Possessing both pride and persistence, he’s seldom undeterred by failure, whether it’s attempting to capture Tweety or Speedy Gonzales.

Marvin the Martian
Originally known as Commander X-23, Marvin the Martian has been intent on taking over or destroying Earth since his debut in the 1948 short Haredevil Hare—largely because we’re blocking his view of Venus. His actions seem all the more villainous since he is fully aware of the destructive impact of his intentions.

Road Runner
Since the Road Runner’s first appearance in the 1949 Looney Tunes cartoon Fast and Furry-ous, the slender flightless bird continues to frustrate Wile E. Coyote by avoiding capture!

Wile E. Coyote
Wile E. will often resort to traps and strategies that leave many in the audience questioning his “Super Genius” moniker. Through it all, his misfortune generates laughter; it doesn’t matter how poorly his last attempt worked out, he will keep trying again and again to capture that elusive, speeding bird.

Daffy Duck
Arrogant, cunning yet sympathetic, Daffy’s misadventures constantly put his patience to the test as he mutters his catchphrase “You’re dethspicable!” Whether they’re friends or showbiz rivals, Daffy is intelligent enough to figure out what Bugs is up to.

Bugs Bunny
The chase is a game in any adventure Bugs encounters or wherever his tunnelling takes him. Flashing his buck-toothed grin, he beats his foes and has audiences laughing with the carrot-chomping delivery of his most famous catchphrase of all: “What’s Up, Doc?”

That’s All Folks
A dynamic group portrait of beloved animated Looney Tunes characters. In the centre of it all is Bugs Bunny who flashes his iconic buck-toothed smile while holding a carrot in his hand.

Each coin is encapsulated, and presented in a graphic paperboard box. Once you have all eight coins, place each box in the collector's case to reveal an exciting image!

Order your subscription today!



Oh what fun!


Beautiful, clever display boxes. Coins are fun to look at.


Tallahassee, FL, US


Consistently fun to receive


Love receiving them each month and looking forward to 'The Tower'. Not too impressed with customer service. Waits on phone are too long. There is supposed to be FREE shipping with Looney Tunes coins. I have been chargde shipping with 4 of them. Have called 5 times about this with no result so far. Twice I have left my number being told I would receive a call back the next day-I have never received a call back.


Portland OR


Great item. Highly recommended


US collector and am looking forward to the rest of the series and many other coins.


Ohio US


Great Coin Set to Collect


Overall a great coin set! Beware there may charge you shipping when the website specifically states it is free. In my case they charged it on the second coin and when I called they said it would be refunded. I have yet to see a minus 1 star


Hannon, Ontario


go looney for the looney tunes.


another great series of silver coins from the RCM.I grew up with looney tunes and bugs bunny every saturday morning on TV.Now i can have them in my collection forever.I purchased the complete silver set of 1\2 ounce ,one ounce and the 2 ounce coins as well as the limited gold coin with the beautiful pocket watch.Keep them coming RCM and i will keep buying them.Masterclub member for life.




they look good


my coll.


Kelowna BC.


1/2 oz. Fine Silver 8-Coin Subscription – Looney TunesTM (2015)

4.5 6


Do you have all eight of them now? If I order now,can I get them shipped to me together?


Yes - to order all eight coins at once, please call our Customer Service Centre: 1-800-267-1871 (Canada) 1-800-268-6468 (US) 613-954-2626 (International) Our hours are from: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday. 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, Saturday.


I only want one of the coins - Coin 3, Marvin. How can I order?


Thank you for your question. Your coin is available on our website at this link :

I subscribed to a few subscription packages, does the mint automatically ship out the following coins periodically and take the money from my credit card, or do I have to keep reordering??? when should I expect delivery of the follow up coins to complete the sets??? thanks kind regards Joe


All subscriptions will monthly create the order for the next coin and charge your credit card upon shipment. This will continue until the last coin is shipped. Generally all subscriptions ship one product every month.

the item number is 145450, the price is 49.95, does it mean that the item is a package and it has 8 coins totally cost 49.94? i ordered the item 145450, but i only received loony tunes (item number is 144925). i am confused that the item number 145450's picture is a package, but i just received one.


This is a subscription item. This means that you will be shipping one coin a month. Each coin will be $49.95 +applicable taxes. The packaging or series case is generally shipped with the last coin.

Why is Marvin the Martian not on the last coin.


Andree - great question! Since Marvin the Martian is featured on the third coin in this subscription, we wanted to take the opportunity on the final coin to showcase a few of our favourite Looney Tunes characters who weren't already featured, including Foghorn Leghorn, Tasmanian Devil, and Porky Pig.


  • No.145450
  • Mintage30,000
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishmatte proof
  • Weight (g) 15.87
  • Diameter (mm) 34
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value10 dollars
  • ArtistWarner Bros. (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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