1/2 oz. Fine Silver Gold-Plated 10 Coin Set – O Canada – Mintage: 1,500 (2014)

1/2 oz. Fine Silver Gold-Plated 10 Coin Set – O Canada – Mintage: 1,500 (2014)

$849.95 CAD
Mintage: 1,500
Canada and US only

Includes gorgeous wooden case protected by a special full-colour custom beauty box

Canada's national identity is much like its majestic landscape: diverse, storied, and sometimes elusive. In the ever-changing tectonics of Canadian culture, identifiers tend to reflect the nation's natural assets and social and political institutions. Born of this complex background, Canadian icons are distinct because they carry meaning for all Canadians, regardless of where we live or how we came to be here. These are the images that plumb the depths of Canadian pride and kindle Canadians' love for their home.

An ideal executive gift for a special event. Order yours today!

Special features:

•   The O Canada series focuses on 10 iconic Canadian images to celebrate all that makes Canada unique. Rendered in 99.99% pure silver and selectively gold plated with a limited mintage, this fine silver gold-plated 10-coin set will be popular.
•   Coins in this series include images of the Grizzly Bear, Canada Goose, the full-coloured Northern Lights and other iconic Canadian images.
•   IMPRESSIVE WOODEN CASE: Designed specifically to impress, these gold-plated fine silver coins are sure to grab people's attention when viewed in the gorgeous wooden case.
•   Engraved in exquisite detail to celebrate some of Canada's most important national icons.
•   A perfect executive gift that celebrates Canada's natural wonders, Canadian history, Inuit culture, and the country's unique iconography.
•   An excellent addition to any collection focused around nature, native culture, or Canadiana.
•   Limited to just 1,500 coins worldwide.
•   GST/HST exempt.

Coin designs:
•   Igloo
The reverse design by Canadian artist Yves Bérubé features that iconic Arctic structure: the igloo. The image presents an Inuit man lifting a freshly cut ice block in front of his igloo.

•   Bear
The reverse design by Canadian artist Glen Loates presents a full-body profile portrait of a grizzly bear. The massive grizzly is presented from its left side, its enormously powerful musculature and shaggy silver-tipped fur showcased to stunning effect.

•   Skiing
The dynamic reverse design by Canadian artist Kendra Dixon presents a downhill skier hurtling down a steep mountainside packed with perfect powder. In the lower left foreground, we see the well-appointed skier, poles extended in both directions, carefully carving a billowing path in the untouched snow.

•   Moose
The reverse design by Canadian artist Claudio D'Angelo presents a full-body profile portrait of a moose in its natural habitat. Despite being its seeming ungainliness, here we see the moose moving with grace through its environment.

•   Maple fun
The wistful reverse design by Canadian artist Claudio D'Angelo presents a wide-angled view of a precious childhood moment captured under the shade of a grand old sugar maple.

•   Goose
The reverse design by Canadian artist Jean Charles Daumas presents an image of a Canada goose in its natural habitat, its wings outstretched in a stance expressing dominance or warning.

•   Cowboy
The arresting reverse design by Canadian artist Bernie Brown presents a Canadian cowboy on horseback surveying the land west of Okotoks, Alberta—in the Rocky Mountain foothills south of Calgary.

•   Bison
The reverse design by Canadian artist Trevor Tennant presents a portrait of three adult bison and a bison calf in their natural habitat.

•   Northern lights
The reverse design by Canadian artist Julius T. Csotonyi features an iconic northern image of a wolf howling against a night sky bathed in Aurora Borealis—the Northern Lights.

•   Holiday
The evocative reverse design by Canadian artist Doug Geldart presents a winter scene that captures the essence of cozy holiday scenery in Canada.

Each coin is encapsulated and presented in the wooden case lined with black flock. The case is protected by a theme-coloured custom beauty box along with a full colour serialized certificate of authenticity.

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What a beautiful set


I bought this set for my own collection, the set is presented in a beautiful wooden Mint case and shows these beautiful coins off well. The coins are brilliant mint quality and the gold trim makes this set stunning.


Manitoba CANADA


loved it


This coin set is beautiful and makes a good conversation peace.






This is a great sellection of coins for to add a little gold to. The box is also great to display them. I just don't get how they come up with a price of more than 100% more. The price of the silver set is 39.95 per coin & the price of this set is 84.90 per coin. It means that for the little gold, a wooden box & a low mintage means more money. I just feal that we as collectors are paying to much & out of reach for some & as a invester I think this will be a hole in the pocket sort of speach. The mint is still trying to sell last years set for the same price. You get 2 more coins for that set. it is a beautiful set & I do recommend for collectors that like this set to buy it. Thank you RCM for this collection but think of us that don't have golden thread pockets.




1/2 oz. Fine Silver Gold-Plated 10 Coin Set – O Canada – Mintage: 1500 (2014)

5.0 3



  • No.130638
  • Mintage1,500
  • Composition99.99% pure silver with selective gold plating
  • Finishmatte proof
  • Weight (g) 15.87
  • Diameter (mm) 34
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value10 dollars
  • ArtistVarious (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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