2017 $1 100th Anniversary of The Toronto Maple Leafs® Special Wrap Coin Roll

2017 $1 100th Anniversary of The Toronto Maple Leafs® Special Wrap Coin Roll

$54.95 CAD
Mintage: 50,000
Canada and US only

100 YEARS OF PASSION ON ICE! Order today!

In 1917, Torontonians welcomed an exciting new reason to embrace winter—the NHL and the franchise that would become the Toronto Maple Leafs® were born. For generations, people had been taking to the ice as soon as the water froze, gliding away at social skating parties and playing a variety of games from pick-up to recreational leagues. Now, with the arrival of a big time team in the biggest league in the hockey world, Toronto Maple Leafs®, winter fans on and off the ice had a common passion to focus their energy.

Playing on the ice was a rite of passage for every child. From sons who skated and cheered alongside Dad, to young women who challenged tradition by wielding hockey sticks, the Toronto Maple Leafs® would spark dreams of greatness far and wide. 

After 100 years, the blue-leafed team reigns as Toronto's most distinguishing characteristic, far beyond the city's landmarks, historic sites, and multi-cultural treasures. This coin embodies the enduring spirit of Leafs™ Nation—the passion of young and old alike to carve fond memories on winter ice.

A must-have collectible for the Toronto Maple Leafs® fan in your family! Order today!

Special features:

  • HISTORIC! Your special wrap roll is a historic circulation coin for 2017, hand selected for its flawless shine.
  • HOCKEY MEMORIES! An original keepsake to cherish happy wintertime memories on and off the ice with family and friends.
  • A 100 YEARS OF LEAFS™ NATION! Your special wrap roll is a timeless and unique tribute to the first 100 years of Leafs™ Nation. As the spirit that defines the city of Toronto, this coin is a pride-filled keepsake that will be treasured by anyone who has ever lived or visited there.


Two hockey sticks face off above the Leafs' current maple leaf logo in this dynamic design by Canadian artist Steven Rosati; the vintage stick to the left honouring the team's storied past while the stick to the right delivers an enthusiastic nod to the modern game. Our unique security feature is positioned between the two sticks like a hockey puck, and the Leafs' current logo shines below them. It's flanked by the years "1917" and "2017" while a ring of 100 dots further highlights the team's centennial. The coin's denomination is engraved in a semi-circle at the top of the coin with a puck positioned between the words "Canada" and "Dollar."

Order your 2017 Toronto Maple Leafs® Special Wrap Coin Roll today!

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hockey nostalgia


adds to my collection


Pickering, ON


Great collectible!






Toronto Maple Leaf 100th Anniversary Loonie


A gift for me




I like the product


I'm not ab over the top collector but if something struck a me as worthy of buying it I don't hesitate.


Barrie Ontario


attractive di


yes,,,,it is good




Nice for a gift


The end (Blue end) looks like it has been opened or not a lot of care when closing roll.

Toronto fan

London Ont. Can


Good quality






I would buy this product again


I'm very proud to give this as a gift for a big fan.


Welland ON


Love my purchase


Great service. I couldn't place my order online I called and they took care of everything.

Leafs fan

Novi Michigan


Great looking products


Displayed at my house


Yukon, Canada



4.4 87


Is there any difference between the coins in the special TML 100yr wrap and those that will go into circulation?

millbilly steve

These coins are just like the coins in your pocket but have never been touched by human hands.

Uyen (Product Team)

I thought the term circulated or uncirculated referred to the accessibility of a coin to the general public and not the condition/finish of a coin... This coin is available at coin exchanges etc. and is readily accessible. Settle a bet.... is this coin truly an uncirculated item.. (there's a dinner riding on this answer)


Uncirculated coins are just like the coins in your pocket but have never been touched by human hands; they truly are "mint" condition. You can learn more on our website below.

Uyen (Product Team)

Can you buy individual $1 100th Maple Leaf anniversary coins directly from the Mint? Please advise.


Hi Jeffy, Although we don't sell individual $1 100th Maple Leaf anniversary coins, we do sell a 5-pack for $5, so you don't have to buy an entire roll. Here's the link to the 5-pack product page;


Will the 100th Anniversary Maple Leaf Loonie be a circulated coin? Thank you.


Yes, this coin is currently in circulation. Keep an eye out for it in your change.

Uyen (Product Team)

I found one today got change back from Mc donnalds i tough it was strange to see a nhl coin as a loony so i looked it up

Vinc mcmen

I saw an offer of 5 100yrs. of Maple Leaf hockey coins advertised. It offered 5 coins for 5 dollars. Are you still offering this? If so, how do I order it?


Hi Devon, Yes, we have a "2017 Toronto Maple Leafs® 100th Anniversary Coin Pack" which has five $1 coins for $5. Here's the link to the product page;


Are they silver dollars . Rathr then regular coins


Hi millha, The coins in the "2017 $1 100th Anniversary of The Toronto Maple Leafs® Special Wrap Coin Roll " are special issue circulation coins. But we also have some pure silver Toronto Maple Leafs coin. Here's the link to our Sports coins page;


Why are you charging over 50 dollars for a roll thats worth only 25 dollars and it's going into circulation??


These are Special Wrapped Rolls that are meant to be a collectable that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Uyen (Product Team)

Will we be able to buy them at the post office


Hi Joanne, Yes, the 2017 $1 100th Anniversary of The Toronto Maple Leafs® Special Wrap Coin Roll will be available and Canada Post stores.


Are all of the loonies in the roll the maple leaf loonies or only 1?


Hi Jazmin, All the coins in the "2017 $1 100th Anniversary of The Toronto Maple Leafs® Special Wrap Coin Roll" are the Toronto Maple Leafs® special issue $1 circulation coin.


Why does your site say "mintage" is (only) 50,000, but yet you're putting 5M in circulation?


Hi Sam, Great questions! 5 million of these coins will be released into circulation, but we're selling an additional 1,250,000 in 50,000 specially wrapped rolls of 25 coins.



  • No.165453
  • Mintage50,000
  • Compositionthree-ply brass finish plated steel
  • Finishuncirculated
  • Weight (g) 6.27
  • Diameter (mm) 26.5
  • Edgeplain
  • Certificaten/a
  • Face value1 dollar
  • ArtistSteven Rosati (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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