3 oz. Pure Silver Coin and Bar Set – 25th Anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Coin – Mintage: 2,500 (2014)

3 oz. Pure Silver Coin and Bar Set – 25th Anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Coin – Mintage: 2,500 (2014)

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$299.95 CAD
Mintage: 2,500
Canada and US only

UNIQUE! Premium coin and bar set! From the Austrian Mint! Order today!

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has been performing for audiences since the mid 19th century and is one of the world's most respected musical performers. The Austrian Mint has paid tribute to this iconic orchestra through its depiction on coinage. While the gold philharmonic coin was the first to be minted, the Austrian Mint added a silver Philharmonic coin in 1989. The Austrian Mint celebrates the 25 year anniversary of the Philharmonic coin by placing a 1 oz silver Philharmonic coin within a
2 oz silver bar.

Mount the Vienna Philharmonic coin within the face of the bar to create a stunning combination. Don't be disappointed, order yours today before they're all gone!

Special features:

  • 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE VIENNA PHILHARMONIC COIN! For this special 25th anniversary product, you receive a 2 oz. silver bar with an inset space for your 2014 1 oz. Vienna Philharmonic coin!
  • THREE OZ. PURE SILVER! Your silver bar is 2 oz. 99.9% pure silver and your coin is 1 oz. 99.9 pure silver for a combined weight of 3 oz. In addition, coin and bar set are GST/HST exempt!
  • ONLY 2,500 MADE! Your plastic case is individually numbered guaranteeing the authenticity and strict limitation of 2,500 sets worldwide!
  • PREMIUM WOODEN BOX! Includes certificate of authenticity!
  • The coin and bar come in a plastic capsule to protect its beautiful design.

About the coin and bar design:

The Austrian Philharmonic silver coin is one of the most popular silver coins in Europe and the world. This coin has been produced by the Austrian MInt since 2008 and carries a face value of 1.5 euro. The design for the Austrian Philharmonic was originally created by Thomas Pesendorfer for the 1989 release of the Philharmonic coin. The design has remained unchanged since its introduction. The obverse features a pipe organ from the Musikverein concert hall where the orchestra performs. The reverse of the Philharmonic features an assortment of musical instruments. The 2 oz. silver bar features musical notes, the bar's weight and the silver purity.

Order your coin and bar set today!


Outstanding workmanship


If you are a collector, you should consider adding this to your collection

basu the collector

Mississauga, Ontario Canada


Scratched with poor packaging


I've found that items from RCM are always in perfect condition in all aspects. The coin and bar set from Austria, was poorly package and lead to scratches I found on both the bar and coin itself. The magnets holding the set together could not withstand shipping, so both items released into the box scratching one another. Disappointing. Also, the case that holds the set was also scratched with some parts of letters rubbed off. Returned for a refund.


Naperville, IL USA


Excellent collectible item


High quality product, nice finishing case, and low mintage. Excellent choice for collectors.


Toronto, Canada


Wonderful coin which I love it.


Great design and good value.


Markham On


Beautiful, commemorative set


Gold plating and intricate instrument design. Comes in a beautiful case.


Toronto, Ontario


Terrific coin and bar set




Toronto, ON


Raw beauty in design !


Top quality!


Edmonton AB ,Can .


3 oz. Pure Silver Coin and Bar Set – 25th Anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Coin – Mintage: 2500 (2014)

4.4 7


Is the coin a 'pop-out' from the bar? - If not, how do you get the coin into a capsule? - If so, how do you get the capsulated coin to fit into the bar?


The coin is a set into the bar without a capsule, and the complete set (coin and bar) is encapsulated together.

Josh (Product Team)

I have seen this product on ebay the mintage number is clearly marked on the plastic capsule. The one you are displaying does not have this, Why? Also yours do not show the COA. thanks


The marketing images we have showcase the coin and bar without the capsule. These coins will ship with COA and the capsule showing mintage.

Josh (Product Team)

Is the 2 oz. silver bar a product of the Austrian mint or the German mint that made the 2 oz. bar for the 30th Anniv. Chinese Panda?


Hello Maestro2, Please note that the individual coins were purchased from the Austrian Mint and were assembled/manufactured inside this beautiful 2oz bar by BH Mayer in Germany. This was authorized and sold to us by MDM MÜNZHANDELSGESELLSCHAFT MBH & CO. This is the same manufacturers as the bars created for the 30th Anniversary of the Chinese Panda product. Thank you, Sabrina

Sabrina (Product Team)

Does the Canadian Mint coin descriptions normally specify Troy ounces when describing silver coins? I ask because this product is using avoirdupois ounces which I find unusual; This set is only 2.7 international troy ounces. Is the description straight from the Austrian Mint? Thank you for your time.


Royal Canadian Mint coin weights are presented in troy ounces. For this product, there was an error in a local file that lead to an incorrect weight being posted on the product page. The correct total weight for this product is 93.4 grams. The weight will be updated shortly in the specifications. Thank you

Josh (Product Team)

Why does the coin have 2 oz marked on it if it is 3 oz of Pure Silver?


Hello ANNA, Please note that this product is a total of 3oz of Pure Silver. The circular coin itself is of 2oz but it is inserted in a 1oz bar, which totals 3oz. Thanks you, Sabrina

Sabrina (Product Team)

The answer should be reversed. The coin is 1 oz and the bar 2 oz.


Anna, The circular coin is 1 oz and the bar itself is 2 oz, which totals 3 oz. Sabrina, you have it mixed up. The coin is 1 oz and the bar is 2 oz, which totals 3 oz.


More of a correction really. The horn on the coin is not a French horn as you state. It is in fact a Vienna horn. They are rather different from a French horn and since the coin is Austrian you may expect they were not using a French horn. Here is a description from the Austrian mint regarding the coin: The coin was designed by Thomas Pesendorfer, the Austrian Mint's chief engraver. For the reverse side he chose eight characteristic orchestral instruments: four violins either side of a cello in the foreground and the Viennese horn, the bassoon and the harp behind." I suggest you correct your posting.


Thank you kindly Akat. We will review our posting and verify the sources. Sabrina

Sabrina (Product Team)


  • No.155286
  • Mintage2,500
  • Composition99.9% pure silver
  • Finishbrilliant uncirculated (coin), proof-like (bar)
  • Weight (g) 93.3
  • Diameter (mm) 40.6 mm (coin), 50 x 80 mm (bar)
  • Edgemilled
  • Certificate
  • Face value1.5 euro; Country of issue: Austria
  • Artist

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