1 oz. Fine Silver 5-Coin Subscription - Australian Age of Dinosaurs Series

1 oz. Fine Silver 5-Coin Subscription - Australian Age of Dinosaurs Series

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$114.95 CAD  per coin
Mintage: 5,000
Canada and US only

Featuring five dinosaurs in vivid colour! Order your subscription today!

This five-coin series features Australian dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous Period more than 100 million years ago. Featuring five dinosaurs in vivid colour, this historic series is sure to fascinate.

Each 1oz silver coin is struck from 99.9% pure silver in proof quality and issued as Australian legal tender.

Order your subscription today!

Special features:
  • Subscribe today* and then relax knowing you will receive all five coins (each coin just $114.95)—one per month! Coins in your subscription include:
    • Australovenator (priced at $114.95)
    • Diamantinasaurus (priced at $114.95)
    • Leaellynasaura (priced at $114.95)
    • Minmi (priced at $114.95)
    • Muttaburrasaurus (priced at $114.95)
  • Free display case with the 3rd coin!
  • Struck to Proof quality from 99.9% pure silver
  • Australian legal tender issue—measuring 40.60 mm in diameter
  • Worldwide mintage of 5,000
  • Coin is housed in a grey presentation case with a bright and beautifully illustrated shipper.
  • Supplied with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


Australovenator fossils were discovered in what was once an ancient billabong near Winton, central Queensland by the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum, with museum staff nick-naming the dinosaur “Banjo,” after the famous Australian poet, Andrew Barton “Banjo,” Paterson. The scientific name Australovenator wintonensis is derived from the Latin words austral meaning from the south, venator meaning hunter, and wintonensis meaning from Winton.

The Australovenator has been described as a medium-sized (6-m long), very fast, carnivorous dinosaur. This animal had massive arms and hands with two of its three hand claws being razor sharp weapons that would have been used to capture prey.


Official, eye-catching and extremely exclusive, the second coin in the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Series is a dramatic exploration of Australia’s prehistoric past—and a collector coin of the utmost quality.

The sauropod Diamantinasaurus roamed the Australian landscape approximately 100 million years ago. Fascinatingly, this truly Aussie dinosaur’s species name is D. matildae, after the first was found in an ancient billabong not far from where Banjo Paterson penned Waltzing Matilda.

Measuring around 16 metres and weighing about 20 tons, the breathtaking size of this huge prehistoric reptile has been captured perfectly upon the 40.60 mm frame of this Australian legal tender release.


A dramatic exploration of Australia’s prehistoric past, and a collector coin of the utmost quality, this official Australian legal tender release pays homage to Leaellynasaura—a small plant-eating ornithopod dinosaur that roamed the Australian landscape more than 100 million years ago.

Crafted from a troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver, the fully struck-up depiction of Leaellynasaura contrasts beautifully with the starlit prehistoric scene.


This silver proof coin is the fourth release in the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Series and celebrates the small but mighty Minmi—an armoured herbivore that roamed the Australian landscape some 113 to 119 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period.

Crafted to the height of Proof quality from a troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver, this official Australian legal tender release carries a sharply sculpted portrayal of Minmi upon its crown-sized 40.60 mm diameter flan.


Muttaburrasaurus is the final coin in this exciting five-coin series featuring Australian dinosaurs that existed in the Cretaceous Period between 112 and 102 million years ago.

Muttaburrasaurus was a large herbivorous ornithopod dinosaur that would have measured up to seven metres in length and although predominantly bipedal, the creature was also capable of walking on all four legs. It had an unusual skull with a large, bulbous, hollow chambered snout that is believed to have amplified the volume of its call.

*Credit card purchases only, charged when each coin is shipped. The Royal Canadian Mint reserves the right to refuse or limit orders and to limit the total amount of subscribers to this series. The Mint also reserves the right to change its prices and product offerings without notice. After purchasing your first coin, you will automatically receive the subsequent coins when they are released. Coins may not be issued in the same order as listed above. Subscription agreement may be cancelled at your request at any time with a phone call or written notice to the Royal Canadian Mint. While quantities last.

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Great detail, the coins are big in size and display great any where. My 8 year old kid loves Dinosaurs this was a must for us to get, I wish they had more coins like this.. Great buy for sure

Armando Javier



Love it


Pass on to my grandsons




1 oz. Fine Silver 5-Coin Subscription - Australian Age of Dinosaurs Series

5.0 2


I love this set, I live in the us do I pay tax on this?


Hi Armando, Yes, for US residents there would be taxes applied, which vary from state to state.


Hello, is the weight of EACH individual coin 1oz? Also , is the price shown for the complete set of 5, or am I charged the amount shown 5x,s ? Thank You


Each coin is indeed 1oz each. The price shown on the web is for each coin. You will be shipped a coin a month at $114,85 each and your credit card will be charged only when the coin is shipped.

Is it official Australian mint product?? I couldn't find it on their website


These coins was produced by the Perth Mint in Australia. You can visit their web site at

Are the shipping charges included in the $114.95 CAD price? If not, what are they?


Hi HAT, We have a limited-time free shipping promotion on right now for orders shipping to the USA that are over $100. Since each of the 5 coins in this subscription are over $100 you'd receive free shipping on each shipment.


Answer already publishedé

I would like to see a photo of the back of the coins Do the coins have a year? & what is it? Thanks


The coins are dated 2015 and the obverse image is on our website. Perhaps your web browser is not be set up properly to see all images?

Need to click on MORE to see the rest of the images. Hope that helps.



  • No.151916
  • Mintage5,000
  • Composition99.9% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 31.1
  • Diameter (mm) 40.6
  • Edge
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value1 dollar (Country of authorization: Australia)
  • Artist

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