Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace-Making Kit (coin not included)

Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace-Making Kit (coin not included)

$29.95 CAD
Mintage: While Supplies Last
Canada and US only

Turn your coin into jewelry!

Transform your favourite 27 mm diameter coin into a pendant necklace with this handy do-it-yourself kit!

  • Bezel is made with sterling silver (92.5% silver)
  • Fits 27 mm coins such as Birthstones, Queen Elizabeth Rose, Celebration of Love, Dragon Dance,  and many more!
  • Comes with silk 18 inch cord but will work with most small gage silver or gold necklaces
  • Assembly is easy. Remove your coin from its plastic capsule, open the bezel top using the screwdriver provided, add your coin into the opened bezel pendant frame, and close it. Then get ready to receive lots of compliments!

Each kit includes a delicate black twisted silk cord and a flathead screwdriver kit all in a microfiber cloth pouch that you can use to hold and clean your coin.

Assembly is easy. Just open the bezel top using the screwdriver, add your coin into the opened bezel pendant frame, and close it. Then get ready to receive lots of compliments!

Makes an ideal gift to someone special any time of the year—your Pendant Necklace-Making Kit (coin not included) is a unique way to turn your stunning 27 mm diameter coin into a stylish conversation piece.

Order today!


I would buy this item again


I purchased this pendant necklace kit & put the Butterfly coin in it & it make a beautiful birthday gift!!




Very pleased!


Use my own sterling silver chain as the cord was not really suitable for me. Have had many compliments.


Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦


Turn your coin into Jewelry


I get a Pendent for each of my coins that I wear, this way they are ready to be worn.






the pendant was unusable as the coin ordered for the pendant was not delivered at the same time


Ontario Canada


Very Nice


Silver Chain Link is Weak. Black Braided Rope Contrasts the Silver Nicely. Nice Way to Wear Coin as Jewelry.

Compulsive Collecter

Sunnyvale, CA., U.S.A.


Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace-Making Kit (coin not includ


Not impressed with the quality of the pendant.




next time do it right !


The loop is a great idea especially if giving a coin with it. However that cord looks like something you found a spool of it in the basement or in some garage sale !. If your going to sell a silver loop include or at least let us choose a silver chain to go with this. Highly embarrassing send the loop with a coin i picked out but i didn't have the time to chain hunting. Really RCM, you can do better.






Necklace all the time! Shows off the beauty of the coin Well designed. Looks great!

Cool Grandma

London Ontario


Pleased with purchase


Displays the coin beautifully, however a silver chain option should be made available. I purchased a silver chain elsewhere. It was very difficult to remove the coin from the protective case.


Oakville, Ontario


Screw should be made of stronger metal.


This ring is beautifully made and fit the 27mm coin perfectly. The only thing I wish they did differently was have a stronger set pin. Ours comes loose quite often and needed some Lock Tight to keep from loosing it. Overall very nice way to display a keepsake!


Boston, MA


Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace-Making Kit (coin not included)

3.8 34


Does this Pendant have a protective cover for the coin, keeping it from getting exposed from the air or will this allow my coin to get damaged with age?


Hi Gail, The pendant does not come with a protective cover. I'll pass your feedback on to the people who are responsible for the accessories we sell. Thank you.


Does the coin have to be removed to attach it to the necklace ?

Denny D

Hi Denny, Yes, any 27mm coin must be removed from its capsule to fit in the necklace bezel.


Do you have a bezel to fit the Heart of the Nation new silver coin?


Hi Laurie, Yes, this pendant necklace making kit holds any 27mm diameter coin. The diameter of the Heart of the Nation coin is 27mm.


Does this fit the "Love My Cat" coin ?


Hi Nana, Unfortunately not. The Love my Cat coin has a diameter of 35mm. The pendant is made for coins with diameters of 27mm.


Do you anticipate getting different sized pendants?


Hi Ron, We do not anticipate getting different size pendants, but thank you for the suggestion. I'll forward it to the product team for consideration.


How thick can the 27mm coin be to fit snuggly in the bezel?


Hi Ely, The ideal rim thickness for the bezel is 1.94mm, which is the standard rim thickness of our 27mm (diameter) coins that fit this bezel.


Will the $20.00 Star Trek coin fit into this product?


Hi Henry, The $20 for $20 Star Trek coin (item # 152202) will fit in the bezel. It has a diameter of 27mm. The bezel is designed to hold any of our coins with a diameter of 27mm. Please note that we have another Star Trek coin with a face value of $20 (item # 152114). This coin has a diameter of 38mm, so it will not fit in the bezel.


Hi, I'm just wondering if a 2016 "Lucky Loonie" would fit. Thanks!


Hi pugzilla, It does fit, but the diameter of the 2016 Lucky Loonie is 26.5mm and the bezel is really designed to hold 27mm coins, so the coin rotates within the bezel. It is not snug.


Is there a way that I would be able to shorten the silk cord on the necklace?


Hello and thank you for your interest in the Royal Canadian Mint products, your feedback and your question. I have checked for options where you could get your silk cord shorten but unfortunately we, at the RCM Boutiques, don't have the tools to cut the rope and re-install the lock/claps on the silk cord. I invite you to contact any of your local jeweler store and ask if they could help you, it should be a simple fix. Good luck and all the best!

Annie (Product Team)

I am looking for a necklace bezel for 36mm silver coin. I know you used to have a few different sizes available, but now they seem to have gone by the wayside. I think it's time to bring some of the larger bezels back. It is a statement that not only do we want to collect these beautiful coins, but when we find one that really speaks to us, we purchase a second coin in hopes of wearing it daily as a piece of art around our necks. Please look into this and let us ( or me ) know when they become available again. Most Sincerely, Renée P


Renée - thanks for your feedback. I will share with our product development group.


Totally agree!!


You can purchase a variety of sizes of bezels, that come with a silver snake chain from Canadian Coin & Currency in Ontario. They cost about $49.95 I bought a few different sizes 27mm 36mm etc.



  • No.152054
  • Mintage While Supplies Last
  • Compositionsilk cord, 92.5% silver bezel
  • Finish
  • Weight (g) 0.5
  • Diameter (mm) 27
  • Edge
  • Certificate
  • Face value
  • Artist

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