Thirteen Teachings From Grandmother Moon - Pure Silver Coloured 13-Coin Subscription - Mintage: 4,000 (2018)

Thirteen Teachings From Grandmother Moon - Pure Silver Coloured 13-Coin Subscription - Mintage: 4,000 (2018)

$44.95 CAD  per coin
Issue Name Expected shipping date Price
1 Spirit Moon 05/2018 $44.95
2 Bear Moon 06/2018 $44.95
3 Sugar Moon 07/2018 $44.95
4 Sucker Moon 08/2018 $44.95
5 Flower Moon 09/2018 $44.95
6 Strawberry Moon 10/2018 $44.95
7 Raspberry Moon 11/2018 $44.95
8 Thimbleberry Moon 12/2018 $44.95
9 Corn Moon 01/2019 $44.95
10 Falling Leaves Moon 02/2019 $44.95
11 Freezing Moon 03/2019 $44.95
12 Little Spirit Moon 04/2019 $44.95
13 Big Spirit Moon 05/2019 $44.95
Mintage: 4,000
Canada and US only
76% SOLD!

OVER $100 IN SAVINGS WHEN YOU BUY THE SUBSCRIPTION! Save $5 per coin ($65 value). Free collector case ($35 value).

Grandmother Moon is always ready to share her loving wisdom, and this captivating coin series with 13 original woodland designs, brings you her life teachings. The Anishinaabe people view every aspect of nature as a living relation that plays an active role in their lives. And although variations do exist due to geography and climate, Grandmother Moon is a central figure, her kind and gentle ways always a common thread.

For the Anishnaabe people, Grandmother Moon is ever-present, making 13 appearances throughout the year as she watches over Mother Earth's children and lights up their paths. Every moon brings a new teaching that is illustrated in each coin design to foster understanding and respect for all of Earth's creatures - a stunning work of art with a unique insight into the Anishinaabe way of life.

Every moon brings a new teaching illustrated in each coin. Subscribe today!

Special features:
  • AVAILABLE AS A 13-COIN SUBSCRIPTION! Subscribe today* and rest assured that you will receive all 13 coins (each coin priced at $44.95). Coins in your subscription include:
    • Spirit Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Bear Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Sugar Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Sucker Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Flower Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Strawberry Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Raspberry Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Thimbleberry Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Corn Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Falling Leaves Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Freezing Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Little Spirit Moon (priced at $44.95)
    • Big Spirit Moon (priced at $44.95)
  • A POWERFUL DEPICTION OF ANISHINAABE THEMES AND TRADITIONS. This exceptional series showcases one of the most recognized forms of Indigenous art cherished for its beauty.
  • LOW MINTAGE. Each of your 13 coins is an original work of art, limited to a mintage of just 4,000 coins worldwide.
  • A unique collectible that captures the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the Anishinaabe people.
  • An original keepsake for art collectors, and anyone that wishes to learn about Anishinaabe culture.

About the first coin design:

Algonquin artist Frank Polson has created a captivating image of a full moon filling the sky as it sits low on the horizon behind a leafless tree. To the left, a man wearing an eagle headdress, honours the majestic messenger, and calls upon it to carry his prayers to the Creator. The use of bold lines, and the insertion of vivid colour within black areas as if to reveal what lies within, is a signature design element in woodland art. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.


Subscribe today to the Thirteen Teachings from Grandmother Moon collection and receive a free collector case with your 6th coin.

Subscribe today!


13 piece Moon coins


Where can I get the display boxes Do they come free with th set of coins

Coins for kids

Alberta, Canada


Happy, but could be happier.


I have only received one coin so far. It is very nice and the packaging is high quality. I cannot speak to the collector case as it comes with the sixth coin. Big flaw that there is no info about the teaching the coin depicts A booklet explaining such would be a valuable addition to the collection.


Hackensack, New Jersey


i would buy this product


great for a collector


Langford, B.C


Poorly designed, the best part of this presentation is a box


Totally disliked it.


Toronto, ON


A great series for the numismatic collector


keep these kind of coin series going




i have subscribed


The coins are fine so far but i am not a fan of painted coins as they tend to look very cheap to me and over time may lose there painted surface.




one of a kind


good value


london ontario


Thirteen Teaching s


Love the colouring on these coins




Nice coins. No story. No meanings.


I want them to have a meaning

NotL Pete

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

love it


love the design


fredericton, nb



4.4 65


Can I get the whole package at one shipping if I paid first? I don't mind I get the whole package one year later.


Hello Frankie and thank you for submitting your question. The Thirteen Teachings From Grandmother Moon - Pure Silver Coloured 13-Coin Subscription - Mintage: 4,000 (2018) cannot be purchased all at once.

Chantal (Customer Service)

The pictures all show the maroon packaging case. Do they come each month with the maroon case, as Pictured, or just the single coin, with cardboard box on 6th Coin? Thank you


Hello Reg and thank you for submitting your question. They come in a clear envelope and a cardboard box is shipped with the 6th coin.

Chantal (Customer Service)

Please tell me is the case a cardboard case or a wooden case???????


Hello Micheal and thank you for submitting your question. The collector box is made out of a sturdy cardboard.

Chantal (Customer Service)

Will there be explanations of the teaching for each coin?


Each coin is accompanied by its own certificate of authenticity.

Melanie (Product Team)

I love these, however the price prohibits many from signing up (especially for gifts for kids or Grand kids) are there plans to release these in lower cost alloys (i.e. not silver) and lower retail prices?


Hello Guy and thank you for submitting your question. They are indeed beautiful coins. However, we have not heard they would be produced in the lower cost alloys options.

Chantal (Customer Service)

does this set come with a display box for the whole set?


Hi Owen, thank you for submitting your question. Please note that there would be a case for the set that would be sent after the 6th coin.

I already purchased the first coin in the series and would like to subscribe for the remainder of the series. Can I do this in time to get for the next coin which I understand is in short supply. I would also like to do direct ship. Lisa Mialkowsky, Colwood, BC

Postal Lisa

Hello Lisa and thank you for submitting your question. You may subscribe to the series, simply call our Customer Solution Centre at 1-800-267-1871 to speak with a representative. They will insure the coin you have already is not sent but still receive the remainder of the subscription.

Chantal (Customer Service)

Are you informed when the next coin will be released. Or given any advance notice when your credit card will be charged


Hello Wendy and thank you for submitting your question. The next coin will be released in February.

Chantal (Customer Service)

What is the denomination?


Hello Sharon and thank you for submitting your question. Each coin has a face value of $3.00.

Chantal (Customer Service)

What is on the other side of the coin? Double question: How can I order one (Bear Moon)?


Hello Louise and thank you for submitting your question. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. You will be able to purchase the Bear Moon in February. Please view our New Releases in February.

Chantal (Customer Service)


  • No.166278
  • Mintage4,000
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 7.96
  • Diameter (mm) 27
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value3 dollars
  • ArtistFrank Polson (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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