2017 Pure Silver Proof Set - 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation

$234.95 CAD $177.93 USD

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Mintage: 20,000
Canada and US only

HAPPY 150TH ANNIVERSARY, CANADA! A powerful, modern take on tradition—one that tells our story as a nation. Order today!

From France's Marianne to the United Kingdom's Britannia, history provides numerous examples of allegorical figures that represent a powerful personification of a country's character. Where words can't do justice, these symbols carry deep meaning by embodying the strengths, ideals and virtues of a nation and its people.

This tradition is at the heart of this year's commemorative silver design, which offers a bold, modern take on a classic idea. Strongly uplifting, the beautifully engraved 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation coin is rich with symbolism that celebrates the story of our nation, and alludes to our ability to come together and rise to the challenges we face—yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Don't miss this limited-time opportunity to own these classic coins in 2017! Order today!

Your pure silver proof set features include:
  • THE CRÈME DE LA CRÈME OF COLLECTOR SETS! The 99.99% pure silver proof dollar with stunning gold plating makes this the crème de la crème of collector sets!
  • AVAILABLE EXCLUSIVELY IN THIS SET! Your proof coin is the highest quality possible. Finished with world-class frosting, the image is struck against a brilliant field as many as three times to achieve a crisp impression with outstanding detail. Special dies are hand polished and frequently replaced to maintain absolute perfection, while selective gold plating enhances the coin's focal point, Canada, by adding definition to the detailed frosting.
  • INCLUDES CLASSIC COIN DESIGNS! Canada's classic circulation coin designs will not be placed in circulation during this milestone year—the pure silver proof set is a limited opportunity to own these classic coins (polar bear, Canada's Coat of Arms, caribou, Bluenose, beaver) in 2017. Each set includes:
    • Proof dollar struck in 99.99% pure silver with selective gold plating!
    • 2-dollar (toonie) coin struck in 99.99% pure silver with selective gold plating!
    • 1-dollar (loonie) coin struck in 99.99% pure silver! Fully gold plated!
    • 50-cent, 25-cent, 10-cent and 5-cent coins, all struck in 99.99% pure silver
  • INCLUDES THE 50-CENT COIN! Your coin set includes Canada's Coat of Arms in 99.99% pure silver!
  • Your coin is among OUR BEST SELLERS EVERY YEAR since 1937! Each year, the proof dollar is one of the most sought-after coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. This coin is a continuation of a proud tradition that carries added meaning in 2017, as Canada celebrates 150 years.
  • POWERFULLY SYMBOLIC! Your coin features a classic allegory, but is representative of Canada in today's world. Rich in symbolism, every element of the design is representative of our story as a nation.
  • INCLUDES SERIALIZED CERTIFICATE: The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins. Most of these are serialized certifications, meaning that each certificate is given a unique number, starting at 1.
  • 99.99% PURE SILVER! Your coins are GST/HST exempt with a limited worldwide mintage.
  • GENUINE LEATHER BOOK-STYLE! Beautifully presented in a genuine leather book-style that offers an elegant way to proudly showcase your coin.

Proof Dollar Design:

Designed by Canadian artist Rebecca Yanovskaya, your coin features a contemporary take on a classic female allegory that personifies Canada on its 150th anniversary. Every element in this complex design represents a different political, historic, geographic and social aspect—it represents our story as a nation, all conveyed by the intricate engraving and careful use of multiple finishes.

In the foreground, Canada rises up strong, majestic and bold; she bears a youthful appearance, given Canada's status as a relatively young nation. Canada is the picture of grace and a vision of strength in her protective armour; and yet, she carries no weapon—a symbolic nod to Canada's historic peacekeeping role, and our efforts to bring peace throughout the world. Her brow is wreathed with a glorious garland of poppies, much as the lyrics to O Canada affirm in French. Facing out as though looking to the future, Canada's gaze is calm and steady while her arms are open wide, ready to embrace what challenges and triumphs lie ahead. In one hand is a symbolic representation of the British North America Act, which represents the birth of the Dominion of Canada 150 years ago; in the other hand is a single feather that pays tribute to those who helped forge our nation's path: the First Nations peoples and the Fathers of Confederation. A fur cape is a further reminder of First Nations traditions, as well as the importance of the fur trade in Canada's early history.

Thirteen rays of light—one for each province and territory—shine down upon Canada, while the waves at her feet represent the oceans that surround us. The Canadian banners link air, land and sea while in the background, Mount Logan (Canada's tallest peak) represents the diversity of the land, and alludes to the ability of Canadians to "rise" to the challenges we face—yesterday, today and tomorrow.


Your set includes a numbered certificate with detailed coin specifications—your proof of ownership for this low mintage premium proof set and evidence that each coin has been individually inspected by our resident quality assurance specialists. Your pure silver proof set comes in an elegant genuine leather book-style packaging that complements your beautiful coins.

The 2017 pure silver proof set is a unique opportunity to own a selectively enhanced proof dollar alongside Canada's classic coinage, which will not be placed in circulation during this milestone year.

Order your pure silver coin set today!


New Customer


This was my first experience with the Canadian Mint and I was impressed with the service and the product.


U.S. A.


Impressive design




Brampton ON


nice gift set


for my collection




I have recommended this proof set to others.


I recently adopted a child. I am getting him interested in coins and bought this set for him. This gift is a wonderful educational tool about Canada, the denomination and value of our coinage while also being a great collector's starter piece. The Mint should think about a program for beginners which includes education and ideas about what coins to collect.




I would buy this item again!


I will be attempting over this next year or so to complete my collection annual coin collections of the Canadian Mint.


Toronto, Ontario


Attractive set commemorating Canada


Proud of Canada on our 150th!


McKinney Tx


I like it.




Toronto, ON


Great addition to any collection!


Nothing negative about this

Collector Man

Ontario, Canada


Collection you can not go with out!!


Awesome display of coins


Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


beautiful set, stunning quality and amazing designs.


Quality of strike, beauty of design and presentation are top shelf !


Salt Spring Island, British Columbia


2017 Pure Silver Proof Set - 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation

4.6 125


Is just the gold plated silver dollar only available for purchase?


Please note that the pure silver proof dollar with gold plating is offered to you only when purchasing the Pure Silver Proof Set - 150th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation and is not available separately.


Will a silver proof set be available that includes the 2017 silver dollar, 50 cent piece and the new 2017 coins now in circulation?


Hi Dan, There was one, but it is now sold out. I recommend trying to find it with one of our dealers, or at a Canada Post outlet!

Jamie (Product Team)

Will this set be available without the gold plating on the silver dollar? I have purchased many sets ( about 90) in past years that have always been available the same as this set but without the gold plating on the silver dollar.


This Silver Dollar is available without gold plating, but as a stand alone Silver Dollar and not in a Proof Set.

Jamie (Product Team)

Are the coins encapsulated?


Yes, they are within the insert.

Jamie (Product Team)

Will another similar set be available without the gold plating on the silver dollar? I would love a proof set for 2017 but this set isn't to my taste.


Aaron from Toronto! I'm not quite certain what you're looking for exactly, but here goes: There may indeed be another set without gold plating, but I'm not sure if it would be exactly what you're looking for, insofar as "to your taste". If we do, hopefully it is more in line with what you like!

Jamie (Product Team)

How many karats are in the gold plating on the 3 coins?


Hi Lauren, The gold plating is 24kt gold.

Jamie (Product Team)

Please advise me of the actual diameter (I.e., 38 mm) of the gold plated Silver Dollar coin in the beautiful 2017 Pure Silver Proof Set just released. I am interested in purchasing a Bezel for this magnificent looking dollar. It would be stunning! Naturally, this would require me ordering another full set, as my recently ordered, soon-to-arrive Silver Proof Set would no longer be intact. Please advise dimensions at your earliest convenience. Might the RCM even have the correct sized Bezel available for sale? Look forward to your response. Thank you.

Lovely Linda

The Lovely Linda! We're flattered that you find the gold plated version of the Silver Dollar worthy of wearing around your neck! I'm a huge fan myself. If you're looking for a bezel that fits your 36.07mm coin (to be super precise), you'll have to try a third party, unfortunately. We have 27mm and our boutique do sell other sizes, but not that large. I've seen some on the market, though. It's worth an internet search!

Jamie (Product Team)

Try The Shopping Channel...I think I saw some there =0)



  • No.157076

Proof dollar

  • Composition 99.99% pure silver with selective gold plating
  • Finish proof
  • Weight (g) 23.17
  • Diameter (mm) 36.07
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistRebecca Yanovskaya (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

2 dollars

  • Composition 99.99% pure silver with gold-plated inner core
  • Finish proof
  • Weight (g) 9
  • Diameter (mm) 28
  • Edgeinterrupted serrations
  • ArtistBrent Townsend (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

1 dollar

  • Composition 99.99% pure silver, fully gold plated
  • Finish proof
  • Weight (g) 7.9
  • Diameter (mm) 26.5
  • Edgeplain
  • ArtistRobert-Ralph Carmichael (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

50 cents

  • Composition 99.99% pure silver
  • Finish proof
  • Weight (g) 9.25
  • Diameter (mm) 27.13
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistThomas Shingles (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

25 cents

  • Composition 99.99% pure silver
  • Finish proof
  • Weight (g) 6
  • Diameter (mm) 23.88
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistEmanuel Hahn (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

10 cents

  • Composition 99.99% pure silver
  • Finish proof
  • Weight (g) 2.45
  • Diameter (mm) 18.05
  • Edgereeded
  • ArtistEmanuel Hahn (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

5 cents

  • Composition 99.99% pure silver
  • Finish proof
  • Weight (g) 5.4
  • Diameter (mm) 21.2
  • Edgeplain
  • ArtistG.E. Kruger Gray (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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