Face Value Collector Case

Face Value Collector Case

$29.95 CAD
Mintage: While Supplies Last
Canada and US only

You love the series—now you have the perfect place to store it!

The Royal Canadian Mint's new custom collector case holds all 20 coins from our 2011-2015 Face Value series of $20 for $20 and $25 for $25 coins. You'll never have trouble locating your collectibles, displaying your collection, or identifying which pieces to seek out on the secondary market. The well-appointed case includes a flocked tray with spaces for each of the 20 coins. The tray lifts up to provide storage for coin folders. 

Using specialized UV technology, we created a design that provides the look, texture, and warmth of wood without the steep price—while also allowing us to reproduce the coin images and artwork in full colour directly on the inside of the cover.

And now you will know if you are missing one of the Royal Canadian Mint's special $20 for $20 and $25 for $25 coins, an opportunity for you to complete the set!

Special Features:

  • The dimensions of the case are: 226 mm x 191 mm x 62 mm.
  • The perfect place to store and show off your collection of Face Value Series coins.
  • Allows you to easily reference the entire series so that you can fill each space and complete your collection.
  • Designed to hold the 20-coin series of $20 for $20 and $25 for $25 Face Value coins. 
  • Full-colour images on the inside lid highlight each coin's packaging graphics and feature an image of each coin, so you know exactly where to put each collectible and can enjoy the entire series at a glance.
  • Fabricated from specialized paperboard enhanced using spot-raised ultraviolet technology to lend it a wood grain texture. Lid is embossed with the Royal Canadian Mint logo and word mark. Front of case is custom-embossed with "2011-2015 COLLECTOR SET/ ENSEMBLE DE COLLECTION 2011-2015"
  • Coin images are ordered so that you can place your coins in the proper spaces! Names include:
    • $20 for $20 Maple Leaf
    • $20 for $20 Canoe
    • $20 for $20 Polar Bear
    • $20 for $20 Diamond Jubilee
    • $20 for $20 Farewell to the Penny
    • $20 for $20 Reindeer
    • $20 for $20 Hockey
    • $20 for $20 Wolf
    • $20 for $20 Iceberg
    • $20 for $20 Santa
    • $20 for $20 Canada Goose
    • $20 for $20 Bobcat
    • $20 for $20 Summertime
    • $20 for $20 Snowman
    • $25 for $25 Canadian Flag
    • $20 for $20 FIFA
    • $20 for $20 Bugs Bunny
    • $20 for $20 Superman
    • $25 for $25 Winter Fun
    • $20 for $20 Gingerbread Man
  • Includes a bottom tray with a special cut out for you to store your $20 for $20 and $25 for $25 coin graphic folders that are art works in themselves!

Missing a coin? Please contact one of our worldwide coin dealers!

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I returned this case due to poor quality never heard fr Mint


Coins doesn't fit properly.


Toronto, Canada




Very disappointed in quality. This should have been wood. Have all of the 20 for 20 and was quite happy that a collector box finally came out. Not sure it can be displayed without it wearing easily.




Definitely a good buy


It's great for the $20-$25 coins, it displays them nicely, but could be a little deeper for the folders. It's nicely crafted.




no examples


could have an extra layer for 20 more coins.


claresholm ,alta., canada.


Doesn't fit coins unless you take them out of the protective


Not at all




A very nice showpiece for your collection


The box is a perfect way to display your collection, except that the coins do not fit in tightly and fall out easily if tipped.


Calgary, Alberta




Unable to evaluate usage Over a period of a few months form my original order I received 5 boxes and all 5 had to be returned Defective. I am still waiting for a useable box. Frustration and anger are my views pertaining to this box.


Ladysmith, bc


A nice Case to store and display your Collection.


Excellent to "show-of" your Series Collection.

Big John

Calgary, AB


coins fit very well


This box had some mixed reviews when it first came out. When ordering, I asked if it had improved, and I was told yes. It's true - I had no problems and the coins fit properly in their slots.

Edmonton collector

Edmonton, AB


Cheap solution for a cheap situation


The holes for the coins are too big this results in the coin's falling out of the display tray. The price nearly doubles when shipping and handling and tax are included. Makes this paper box very expensive.


Ontario canada


Face Value Collector Case

3.3 16


Do you have other boxes available like this that are not so rigid as to which coins are to be stored in it? i.e. I do not have any coins from 2011, but I do have some from 2016.


Hi Stephanie, We do not have any other boxes (coin cases) for sale at this time. But we may in the near future. Visit often and sign up to receive new product alert emails. You can do so by entering your email address in the sign up box located near the top of the home page.


Would you consider making a similar case without all the graphics for specific coins, but just to hold capsulized coins in the $20 for $20 and $25 for $25 variety...double the volume also to hold 40 items without the need to store the folders?


Hello Bill, Thank you for your feedback, we have taken this into consideration for 2017 and are currently evaluating demand for this. Thank you

Erica (Product Team)

Where was it made? Canada or China?

Red Baron

Hello and thank you for your question. This case was designed in Canada and was sourced overseas.

Erica (Product Team)

Hi, am assuming that The Mint will continue to produce more yearly "$20/$20 and $25/$25" Coin Series. Will there be more "Collector Cases" made available for future coins?


Hello and thank you for your question. We are currently evaluating the demand for more Face Value cases for next year. Thank you

Erica (Product Team)

Does this product also stored the cases? It seems fairly high at 62mm, so I was wondering if the boxes the coins originally came in could be stored underneath the coins.


Hi Ian, Yes, the case includes a bottom tray with a special cut out for you to store your $20 for $20 and $25 for $25 coin graphic folders. The second image shows this.


Can we expect a similar case for 20-20 and 25-25 coin that cover approximately 2016-2020?

Swiffer OWF C&L VL

Hello and thank you for your question. We are currently evaluating the demand for more Face Value cases for next year. Thank you

Erica (Product Team)

Are the mini card displays on the inside cover (under lid) removable so i can insert any $20 for $20 or $25 for $25 coins or any 27mm coin???


Hello! The coin and card displays printed on the inside of the lid were put there to help collectors see where their coins fit in the series and also to help identify coins that may be missing from their $20 for $20 and $25 for $25 collection. The images are printed directly on the inner lid. Thank you

Erica (Product Team)

Is there something that I can use or purchase that can make the coins fit more snugly in their respective slots? The coins, in their capsules, easily fall out whenever I want to look at the inserts that I have put into the bottom tray. Not a single coin stays where they should .


Hello, There is a new box available with ribbons on either side that will prevent the tray from being lifted too high in order to prevent the coins from falling out of the insert.

Erica (Product Team)

What is changed in the new box? I ordered a box and it has all the problems mentioned in the othe reviews. Coin slots too big. And the space for the canoe card doesn't fit with the rest.


Hello, The coin slots were designed to ensure all of the coins in their capsules fit. The ribbon on either side of the tray should prevent it from being lifted up too high to ensure the coins do not fall out.

Erica (Product Team)

Do the coins fit in the slots if they are in cases/holders or only if "loose"


Hello, Yes the coins in capsules will fit in the slots. You do not need to remove them from their capsules. Thank you

Erica (Product Team)


  • No.156116
  • Mintage While Supplies Last
  • Compositionpaperboard
  • Finish
  • Weight (g)
  • Diameter (mm)
  • Edge
  • Certificate
  • Face value
  • Artist

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