1 oz. Pure Silver Coin – Geometry in Art: The Loon – Mintage: 7,500 (2016)

1 oz. Pure Silver Coin – Geometry in Art: The Loon – Mintage: 7,500 (2016)

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$99.95 CAD
Mintage: 7,500
Canada and US only

Your coin is crafted from 99.99% pure silver, is GST/HST exempt, and has a limited mintage worldwide.

With a haunting call that reverberates across many of Canada's lakes, the common loon is a national icon that is associated with the serene, unspoiled beauty of the wilderness. Using the low poly art style that was born out of digital modelling techniques, the coin beautifully captures both the majesty of a mountain lake setting and the stately nature of this beloved bird species, for a modern reinterpretation of a timeless Canadian scene.

A perfect gift for someone who enjoys a never-before-seen coin design and technique! Order today!

Special features:
  • EACH POLYGON IS DISTINCT: Each polygon is made distinct from the other through extraordinary sculpting, cutting-edge technology and advanced finishing techniques, while the application of bold colour adds vibrancy and alters our perception of dimension and light.
  • UNIQUE USE OF LOW POLY ART: The careful selection of each colour gives the cloudless summer sky its dazzling cerulean tone, making it the perfect backdrop for the towering white and grey peaks of the Rocky Mountains—all beautifully recreated using the hard lines and edges that are characteristic of low poly art.
  • CUTTING-EDGE TECHNIQUES FOR A DIMENSIONAL DESIGN: Exceptional engraving, relief and the application of different finishing techniques add distinctiveness to the polygon shapes that form the stylized image, resulting in a stunning composition that showcases our exceptional level of craftsmanship and innovative artistic vision!
  • Your coin is crafted from 99.99% pure silver, is GST/HST exempt, and has a limited mintage worldwide.

About the Design:
Designed by Canadian artist Calder Moore, your coin features a stylized portrait of two common loons in a pristine, natural setting that speaks of the majesty of Canada's wilderness! Geometry, technology and art intersect as the entirety of the image is presented in a low poly art style, bringing together multiple polygon shapes in this depiction of an adult loon and its offspring. In the foreground, the adult loon is a picture of grace and elegance as it calmly floats on the surface of a blue lake, surrounded by the tranquility of an evergreen forest that is rich with detail and colour. Underwater, the young loon demonstrates the species' remarkable diving abilities as it uses its webbed feet to propel it forward like a torpedo, its beak quickly closing in on the small fish that will provide it with a well-earned aquatic feast.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a graphic beauty box.

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Really nice coin


really really cool coin. The whole set is very nice. I really love the colors




Beauty Coin/set


It's a great looking set, all 5 of them. I appreciate the detail, and they are a nice size/weight too.

Matt D

Waterloo Region


I would buy similar coins


I like this coin's visual appeal. I only buy coins that appeal to me.




close to perfection


Grandkids love to see it, reminds them about the cottage

fishing fanatic

Brampton Ontario


Very Pretty Coin


I've been seeing the promotions for this coin for months and, while it caught my eye, I never purchased due to the expensive cost. When I had the opportunity to pick it up for a lower price I was not dissapointed. The colors pop and the geometric design is truly an eye catcher. I ended up getting the floating frame and it showcases this coin in spectacular fashion.


Texas, USA




I'm a new collector of coins


Allenford On


A very unique concept coin !


I was a bit hesitant about getting this coin at first, the concept was intriguing but my initial thoughts on the design was that the reverse may be proportionately a bit "over the top". However, after receiving it and seeing it in hand, I really liked it. So much so, I now own the first 3 coins in this series and like them all extremely well. These coins are struck on a 40 mm size blanks, a slight increase from the standard 38.6 mm diameter and display extremely well.


Allegheny Cty, Pa




Nicest looking coin in my collection.

Shawn Silver



New Loon


just to display our countries pride I like the 20 dollar value given to this.


StAlbert, Alberta


Beautiful coin !!!!


Great product!!!!




1 oz. Pure Silver Coin – Geometry in Art: The Loon – Mintage: 7500 (2016)

4.8 25


Would this coin fit in a Pendant Necklace? Do you have a list of coins that would fit in the Pendant Necklace?


Hi Trish, Unfortunately this coin`s diameter is 40mm. The pendant we sell is only suitable for 27mm coins.


Why is a 20 dollar coin priced at $100? Is the resale value $100? Not sure how this works. Thanks.


Great question Sivv. With the exception of our $20 for $20, $50 for $50, $100 for $100 and $200 for $200 coins, the face value of a precious metal coin is always set lower than the value of its metal content as protection against precious metal price fluctuations. Since these coins are legal tender, their face value is low enough so that the coin will not be redeemed at a value higher than what it cost to produce the coin.


Can I use this coin for legal tender?


All coins manufactured by the Mint are legal tender. However, unlike Canadian circulation coins, collector coins are non-circulating legal tender (NCLT). As such, these coins are not intended for daily commercial transactions and accepting them as payment or for redemption is at the discretion of businesses and financial institutions.


  • No.148871
  • Mintage7,500
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 31.83
  • Diameter (mm) 40
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value20 dollars
  • ArtistCalder Moore (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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