Floating Frame Coin Accessory
(295 mm x 92 mm x 34 mm)

Floating Frame Coin Accessory
(295 mm x 92 mm x 34 mm)

$23.95 CAD $18.14 USD
Mintage: While Supplies Last
Canada and US only

An ideal way to display a favourite coin!

With the floating frame, you have a completely new way to put your coins on display. Using the floating frame, your coin appears to magically hang in the air! The special features of this frame are the transparent, flexible silicone membranes that enclose your coin gently and make it appear to float freely within the frame. At the same time you get a full view of the front and back of your coin.

A new way to display your coins! Give your coins a 3D effect with the floating frame coin accessory!

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Fantastic frame


Person who received the frame & wedding coins loved it!!


Bowmanville, Ontario


This product has a definite WOW factor!


Great display product, I will buy it again!


Ottawa ON


I will buy another one of this product


To display some of my coins


Edmonton ab


Beautiful display and very affordable! I plan to buy more.😊


I will be able to display some of my favourite coins


Aylmer, Ont.


great innovative product


Coins seem to be floating - looks wonderful.


Ontario, Canada


I have purchased 6 + of different sizes, their great


Normally I use laying flat on display or upright on shelf. I like you can exchange the coins on display etc.


Abbotsford, BC


Love this product for displaying coins


I wish there was an easy way to make this hangable on the wall. That would have given it a 5 star rating


East Coast

Great product


Great product


Sunnyvale CA


A great method to display coins & other items


I currently have the four 40mm Canadian Honours coins displayed, makes a sharp looking display. I will periodically rotate to other coins I own.


Abbotsford, BC


Beautiful frame, Unique idea


I looked around and this seems to be the only display frame available for coins. Unique, beautiful, great quality. Great gift.


Vancouver Island


Floating Frame Coin Accessory (295 mm x 92 mm x 34 mm)

4.5 34


will this style frame, allow the glow in the dark coins, to still harness light to glow (while in the frame)? Thank you


Hello and thank you for asking. Yes the coins will still glow when inserted in the frame. Just make sure you put the coin close to a light source for it to glow. This will need to be repeated of course.

Chantal (Customer Service)

I have an antique coin that is close to paper thin. Will this frame be able to hold the coin in place?


Hello Line and thank you for asking. I would not put a coin in without a capsule.

Chantal (Customer Service)

How many coins can you display in this? Also once in the display can you easily remove them?


Hello Curtis and thank you for asking. It all depends on the size of your coins. You can easily remove the coins once they are inserted.

Chantal (Customer Service)

I am looking to purchase this frame to display the 150th $10 bill. Will this frame hold this bill or should I purchase a different size?


Hi Dave, Canadian bank notes will not fit within the display area of this frame. The display area is 265mm x 62mm. Canadian bank notes are 150mm by 70mm, so it's not high enough. We'd recommend buying the 180mm x 180mm frame instead. The display area is 150mm x 150mm so it's just wide enough. Here's the link to the product page; We also have two larger sizes if you'd prefer. Here's the link to our accessories page where all the frames are listed;


Do the coins have to be in a capsule or coin case? I have the 150 set but they are not in little cases. Can you just put a coin in these?


Hi Hazel, Yes, coins can be placed in any of the floating frames without capsules.


Is there any reason why it wasn't designed to be hung on a wall? Can hooks and/or wire be attached to the rear to facilitate a wall mounting?


Hi JAK, The manufacturer of these frames did not specify why they were not designed to be hung. They only said they were designed for display on a desk, shelf or bookcase. All the floating frames are constructed with high-quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF), so you can affix hooks and wire on the back and hang on a wall.


So these floating frames are really more designed to stand on a desk or shelf and not so much to be hung from a wall - as there appears to be no hooks or wires etc. to accommodate that idea - correct ?


H Bark, Correct. They're designed to be displayed on a flat surface like a desk or shelf. The frames do not come with any hooks or wires.


What is the width of the frame around the silicone membrane. I just want to know the amount of space available in the window to insert certain size and/or quantity of coins.


Hi Patrick, The border on each side is 15 mm. (border measurements are the same for all frames). So for the 295 x 92 frame the display part of the frame is 265 x 62 (remove 15 mm for the border on each side).


How thin of a coin can these frames hold? Will it hold a coin such as a dime in place or would it slide out of position?


Hi Allen, The frames are designed to hold any size of coins. The frames are also reusable as long as you insert similar size coins inside them. The silicone membranes do stretch, so if you place large coins inside it will stretch, therefore you won't be able to insert much smaller coins afterwards.


These floating frames look intriguing. I am strongly considering buying some in different sizes, but I don't want to hang them on the wall. I'm assuming the smallest one would stand unsupported on a shelf. If yes, are there other sizes that would balance well without being mounted?


Hi ljb - these are a great way to display your coins! All sizes will stand freely on a desk or shelf.



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  • Mintage While Supplies Last
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