Haunted Canada: Bell Island (2016)

Haunted Canada: Bell Island (2016)

$31.95 CAD $24.20 USD
Mintage: 20,000
Canada and US only

Tilt the coin from side to side to see the ghost of Bell Island's frightening transformation! Hurry and order this coin today!

On Newfoundland and Labrador's Bell Island, a restless female spirit is said to haunt the marshes near Dobbin's Garden. She appears in two forms: one, as a beautiful woman dressed in white; the other, as a frightening old woman. Men who have dared to walk through the area have gone missing for days, only to emerge unaware of any passage of time. But what they do remember is the sudden apparition of a grotesque old woman moving toward them, pushing them to the ground, while the smell of death hangs in the air.

A thrilling and original gift for those who enjoy a good ghost story. Don't miss out, order yours today!

Special features:
  • THIRD AND FINAL COIN IN SERIES! The third and final coin in our Haunted Canada series of coins, which brings to life some of Canada's legendary ghost stories.
  • BRINGS YOU FACE-TO-FACE WITH THE GHOST OF BELL ISLAND! The two-image lenticular design brings you face-to-face with the ghost of Bell Island—tilt it from side to side to see her haunting transformation!
  • PREVIOUS SINGLE COINS SOLD OUT! Previous single coins in the series proved to be very popular with collectors, and this coin will likely be just as sought-after.
  • GREAT WAY TO INTRODUCE COIN COLLECTING TO SOMEONE! An affordable way to introduce a young person to the excitement of coin collecting.

About the Design:

Your coin uses lenticular technology to masterful effect, recreating an eerie encounter on a dark night. The glow of a hand-held lantern provides the only light for one anxious young man, who is making his way through the marshes near Dobbin's Gardens. The first image finds the young man nervously looking over his shoulder, as behind him, an ethereal female figure dressed in white appears to hover over him. Tilting the coin to the other side reveals a frightening transformation: the ghost's youthful appearance has suddenly aged while the facial features and hands are twisted in a terrifying manner! The young man's expression is one of sheer terror as both he and the ghost look out from the coin and directly at the viewer. Framing the reverse is an outer rim in which the word “CANADA” the face value “25 CENTS” and the year “2016” are engraved.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a black beauty box.


Just as beautiful as I thought it would be!


I plan to wear it at Halloween time, as I bought a bezel kit that fits it.

Jackie Rae



I would buy this product


Great to collect.




Haunted Canada is a trick to see and a treat to own.


To be used as a collage along with the Haunted Canada stamps and postal cards.PackerBacker


Mercer, Wisconsin, USA


Big Haunted Canada Fan


Compared to the other two in the series, this one came across as too subtle in the change and less dramatic because of it. Still love the series and have all the stamps to go with each coins. Hate to see it all end on this lower note.

Donalda Duck

Ottawa, ON


Not what I expected


First two years I ordered the coin and got the stamps and this year I ordered and just got the coin. After some looking through reviews I have to go to the post office to order the coin and stamp set. For the limited quantities you put out it should all be sold one way, either as a set or just as the coin, now I have a mid matched set




Great for Hallowe'en!


This will be for the most wonderful granddaughter in the world for Hallowe'en




This coin is too frightening to forget.


Very unique and beautiful.


East York Ontario


Product detailed and appealing, however, rather expensive.


My granddaughter will love it.


wasaga beach


Very Neat Coin


I bought this as a gift for my 10 year old daughter. She has reaserching many of the " haunted things/places" in Canada . I found the coin attractive in appearance.

Coin collector mom

Vancouver Island Canada


Very unique , and great design .


Will be a nice addition to the previous two ,


Calgary , Alta.


Haunted Canada: Bell Island (2016)

4.1 36


Does the mintage with 20,000 (?) mean that you have unlimited mintage depending on demand? How many have sold to date?


Hi Gislaine, The ? next to the mintage is there to explain what mintage means. If you hover your mouse pointer over the ? (or tap the ? on mobile device) a text box should appear with the following description; "Mintage is the maximum number of coins that will be produced. The lower the mintage, the rarer the coin." We do not disclose the exact amount of coins that have been sold, but this coin has been selling very quickly. And with a limited mintage of 20,000 worldwide it may not last long.


I wonder if you could tell me where I may be able to obtain the first coin in the series. Would love to complete the set.


Hi Dan - please check with Canada Post - they may still have some stock.


You can get this first coin on Ebay. You can do a search online and or check with Canad Post. Good luck to you on your search.


What is the weight? It seems to be blank on the Specifications table.


The weight of the coin is 12.61 grams

Libby (Product Team)

Hi - have the first 2 coins in this series, that also have the stamp with the coin - will this coin come out with a stamp also, and if so when?


Thanks for your interest in this series! It was released on September 8th. Unfortunately, the coin and stamp set is only available at CPC retail outlets but the coin on its own is available at the Royal Canadian Mint.

Libby (Product Team)


  • No.154468
  • Mintage20,000
  • Compositionthree-ply nickel finish plated steel
  • Finishspecimen
  • Weight (g)
  • Diameter (mm) 35
  • Edgeplain
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value25 cents
  • ArtistSusanna Blunt (obverse)

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