1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coloured Coin – Day of the Dinosaurs: Terror of the Sky – Mintage: 10,000 (2016)

1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coloured Coin – Day of the Dinosaurs: Terror of the Sky – Mintage: 10,000 (2016)

$44.95 CAD $34.04 USD
Mintage: 10,000
Canada and US only

An ideal gift for someone who loves dinosaurs! Order today!

This intimidating creature was as tall as a giraffe with the wingspan of a small plane—the largest known animal to ever take to the sky! Quetzalcoatlus lived during the late Cretaceous period more than 66 million years ago and had seemingly unbreakable bones: a partial skeleton unearthed in Alberta in 1995 showed evidence of a scavenging Saurornitholestes that broke a tooth on one of Quetzalcoatlus' wings!

An ideal gift for someone who loves dinosaurs! Order your coin today!

Special features:
  • NEW SERIES! FIRST in a thrilling new series that captures all the wonder and ferocity of life millions of years ago, in prehistoric Canada.
  • LARGEST CREATURE EVER TO FLY! Your coin is a striking depiction of the largest creature ever to fly!
  • 99.99% PURE SILVER!
  • VERIFIED BY PALAEONTOLOGISTS! The scientific accuracy of this depiction of a Quetzalcoatlus has been verified by palaeontologists at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.
  • Your coin is GST/HST exempt.

About the Design:

Designed by Canadian artist Dino Pulera, your coin features an intricately engraved rendition of how a Quetzalcoatlus likely appeared, and was reviewed for scientific accuracy by palaeontologist at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. The use of selective colour brings this long-gone species to life in incredible detail; soaring with only an occasional flap of its enormous wings, the terrifyingly large reptile keeps one wing bent towards the viewer while the left wing is outstretched. Its long, pointed beak is open wide, releasing a cry into the wind as it prepares to swoop down to find prey. The coin's own silver surface recreates radiant rays of bright sunlight peeking through the clouds above the distant mountains, which convey how high the plane-sized creature would soar above the conifer forest below.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a black beauty box.

Order your coin today!


Awesome coins! My grandson will love them!!


I'm thrilled to be able to set up a coin collection for my grandchildren. They have too many toys. These are a lifetime gift for them to enjoy.


Barrie ontario


I would definitely recommend this product


very detailed with an excellent finish

Pushpal a loyal RCM admirer



Beautiful as are many from the RCM


I love the dinosaur series, they are fun and historical


Salt Lake City, Utah




rare coins




Great coin waiting for the others


Very nice


Nova scotia canada


1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coloured Coin – Day of the Dinosaurs: Terror of the Sky – Mintage: 10000 (2016)

4.8 5


I noticed there was going to 10,000 coins for subscription and noticed there are to be 10,000 individual coins. Is the mint producing 20 000 or 10 000 of these coins?

Transplanted Haligonian

The mintage remains 10,000 coins including coins sold in complete set and sold as single coins.



  • No.152729
  • Mintage10,000
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 15.87
  • Diameter (mm) 34
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value10 dollars
  • ArtistDino Pulerà (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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