One Kilogram Pure Gold Coin - Sugar Maple Majesty - Mintage: 15 (2018)

One Kilogram Pure Gold Coin - Sugar Maple Majesty - Mintage: 15 (2018)

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$75,000.00 CAD

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Mintage: 15

Canada and US only

A Canadian icon basks in the luxurious gleam of one kilogram of 99.99% pure gold! Order today!

From a small bud nourished by spring showers to its colourful swan-song in the fall, the sugar maple leaf is a thing of beauty through the seasons. This captivating symbol of a nation is superbly rendered on this fine gold one-kilogram coin, where every engraved detail is masterfully enhanced by the shine of an immaculate proof finish. Each coin was struck up to four times to ensure an impression that leaves no doubt about its beauty and value.

A gorgeous addition to your coin display! Don't be disappointed, order today!

Special features:
  • NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL! A beloved Canadian symbol is positively luminous as it basks in the luxurious gleam of 99.99% pure gold.
  • A LASTING IMPRESSION! Your coin was struck up to four times to ensure an immaculate impression that leaves no doubt about its beauty and value!
  • A SELECT FEW! An extremely low mintage of just 15 coins worldwide makes this a highly prestigious and rare collecting opportunity.
  • INCLUDES SERIALIZED CERTIFICATE! The Royal Canadian Mint certifies all of its collector coins. Most of these are serialized certifications, meaning that each certificate is given a unique number, starting at 1.
  • ONE KILOGRAM PURE GOLD! Your coin is crafted from one kilogram of pure (99.99%) gold!
  • GST/HST EXEMPT! Your coin is GST/HST exempt.


Designed by artist Maurade Baynton, the reverse presents a tranquil nature scene centered on a Canadian icon. The coin's gold surface infuses the design with a warm glow, like autumn sunshine reflecting on water. Carefully sculpted rocks of all sizes fill the field, further adding to the effect of staring into a pebble-lined pond. At the centre, a large-sized sugar maple (Acer saccharum) leaf has been deposited onto the surface of the water, where the leaf's slightly curled edges give it a life-like appearance while ensuring an unobstructed view of the deeply etched veins within. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded wood case with black beauty box.

Order your coin today!


I eould buy this if i had the 75k


I would love to get this for a keep sake the value would most likely go up in high numbers over the years due to the gold % as well as the super rare mintage of 15 units would love this but could not afford this for a long time


Guelph Ontario


way too much of a premium


Really beautiful one-of-a-kind coin, however the price is way over the spot price of gold.

Kyle Bullion Collector




3.5 2


how many ounces are in a kilogram?

coin man

Hello and thank you for asking. There are 35.274 ounces in one kilogram.

Chantal (Customer Service)

A kilo of most things is indeed 35.27 'regular,' or avoirdupois, ounces of 28.35 grams each, but gold and silver are measured in troy ounces of 31.10 grams, so a kilo of gold is 32.15 troy ounces.

Lapsed Collector

Hi, maybe the coin is 1 gram in weight and not 1 kilogram? :-)


Hello and thank you for submitting your question. The One Kilogram Pure Gold Coin - Sugar Maple Majesty - Mintage: 15 (2018) does weigh one kilogram.

Chantal (Customer Service)

This coin of 1006.1 kg is equal to 32.346866 ounces.



  • No.164094
  • Mintage15
  • Composition99.99% pure gold
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 1,006.1
  • Diameter (mm) 101.6
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value2,500 dollars
  • ArtistMaurade Baynton (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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