1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Canoe Across Canada: Exquisite Ending (2015)

1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Canoe Across Canada: Exquisite Ending (2015)

$44.95 CAD $34.04 USD
Mintage: 20,000
Canada and US only

Sixth and final coin in our Canoe Across Canada series. Order yours today!

Paddling a canoe along a tree-lined shore in the heart of the wilderness: it’s an iconic Canadian moment that captures Canada’s unique history and Canadians’ connection to their vast land. The Royal Canadian Mint proudly celebrates the Canadian experience with its exciting new Canoe Across Canada series.

An ideal gift for someone who enjoys canoeing and the great outdoors! Order yours today!

Special features:
•  From the Yukon to British Columbia, Alberta to Ontario’s Georgian Bay Islands passing by the Quebec beautiful Laurentians, this sixth and final coin in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Canoe Across Canada series, brings us the Exquisite Ending design featuring an outdoorsman and his dog paddling Quebec’s Saint-Jean River toward the mouth of the mighty St. Lawrence.  It is an original work of art by Canadian artist Greg Banning.
•  Rendered in exceptional detail, the striking coin design tells a treasured story of Canada’s history and Canadians’ connection to the wilderness landscape.
•  This half-ounce fine silver coin’s affordable pricing, and popular subject matter is sure to be sought after by collectors, nature lovers, and those who enjoy Canada.
•  Your coin is GST/HST exempt.

About the Design:
Designed by Canadian artist Greg Banning, your coin features an outdoorsman, accompanied by his dog, paddling the tumultuous waters of Quebec’s Saint-Jean River toward the mouth of the St. Lawrence. The image is dominated by the rugged splendor of the untamed Saint-Jean. Dwarfed by tall stone cliffs and a powerful, fast-flowing river that snakes its way across the scene, the outdoorsman paddles his canoe while his dog stands alert at the bow. In the background, fast-flowing rapids and dense forest are captured in beautiful detail by Royal Canadian Mint engravers. The image is framed by an outer band engraved with maple leaves.

Travel Diary, Week Six
Like two tiny motes passing silently through the watery veins of the blue-green wilderness, the outdoorsman and his canine companion disappear within the rocky bones and dark shaded skin of the land. This is their tale as they travel across Canada by canoe.

“We have travelled thousands of kilometres. One-third the circumference of this amazing planet. We have paddled across mountain ranges, prairie river networks, the rocky waterways of the Canadian Shield, the tree-lined lakes of the East. We have adored the majesty of maples, pines, and cedars; the bounty this land offers; the depth of its history. Each moment has been an immersion in the fast-moving current of life. Today, we passed through the final snaking bend of the Rivière Saint-Jean in Quebec’s Côte-Nord region. These last few kilometres on the mighty Saint-Jean were not easy. We negotiated rapids, fought logjams, battled heavy currents. But we wouldn’t have traded this journey for all the world. When we finally reached the mouth of the Saint-Jean where it meets the St. Lawrence, we stopped.

Here now, on the north shore of the seaway, my gaze wanders southwest, past the north tip of the island of Anticosti to the sea cliffs of the Gaspésie, before turning eastward over the islands of the Mingan Archipelago and the north coast of Newfoundland. Soaring above that distant shore, my mind takes flight with visions of ancients who stood here before me. To the east, beyond the rocky landscape of Newfoundland, lies the vast Atlantic that brought some of those men and women here. To the west, from which my companion and I have so recently travelled, lies the earliest home of others. It is a beautiful notion to consider: though their origins were so different, they—like me—braved the waters of this enigmatic land to stand here, gazing out from this shore, perhaps letting their souls run free for a time, but knowing also that they’d found a glorious place to call home.”


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a black beauty box.

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  • No.145062
  • Mintage20,000
  • Composition99.99% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 15.87
  • Diameter (mm) 34
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value10 dollars
  • ArtistGreg Banning (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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