Pure Silver Gold-Plated Coin – Sculpture of Majestic Canadian Animals: Cougar – Mintage: 1,200 (2017)

Also available from Canadian Coin & Currency!

Pure Silver Gold-Plated Coin – Sculpture of Majestic Canadian Animals: Cougar – Mintage: 1,200 (2017)

Also available from Canadian Coin & Currency!

Sold out
$1,099.95 CAD
Mintage: 1,200
Canada and US only

SERIOUS "WOW" FACTOR! Silver figurine embellishment with gold plating! Order today before it's gone!

The largest and most powerful of Canada's big cats, the cougar (Puma concolor) is a master of camouflage in the Canadian wilderness. Its remarkably long tail helps it maintain a graceful balance as it steps sure-footed over the terrain, while its vision and hearing are perfectly adapted to the nocturnal hunt. This selectively gold-plated fine silver coin pays homage to a secretive species, through a uniquely shaped embellishment that conveys its formidable stealth and strength.

A must-see, must-have coin that family and friends will want to see again and again! Order today!

Special features:
  • SECOND IN A FIVE-COIN SERIES! Your cougar coin is the second in the Sculpture of Majestic Canadian Animals coin series, which depicts animals in a uniquely multi-dimensional approach. Future coins in the series include: Elk, Bighorn Sheep, and Wolf.
  • AN OUTSTANDING ROYAL CANADIAN MINT COIN! Your coin's large diameter (65 mm) provides the perfect pedestal for the gold-plated silver cougar-shaped embellishment emerging from the coin!
  • INNOVATIVE ARTISTRY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP! A testament to the Royal Canadian Mint's spirit of innovative artistry and craftsmanship, the silver statuette is uniquely shaped to recreate the cougar's most distinctive features.
  • SAFELY PROTECTED! Despite its unusual shape, your coin is safely protected inside a dome-like capsule that protects it from the elements.
  • LIMITED MINTAGE! Limited mintage worldwide of just 1,200 coins.
  • PURE SILVER! Your coin is crafted from 99.9% pure silver with gold plating.
  • GST/HST EXEMPT! Your coin is GST/HST exempt.


Designed by Canadian big game sculptor Karl Lansing, your coin offers a sculptural celebration of an elusive hunter in the wild. Uniquely shaped to resemble a cougar (Puma concolor), this silver, gold-plated embellishment rises up from the coin's surface for a stunning, multi-dimensional collecting experience. The cougar's muscular appearance is on full display as it slinks close to the ground, its long tail gently curved behind it. While the paused movement belies the cougar's ability to pounce with lightning-fast speed, it does allow for a rare view of this secretive species' features, including finer details such as the texture of its fur.


Your coin is encapsulated and housed in a wooden display case with a black beauty box.

Order today!


Great Looking Coin


No comment


B'more, Md


I wish I had the subscription, would subscribe to this now


the clear case was cracked and I was not happy with this but overall I was very please to add this coin to my collection.




Amazing coin again this series is worth every penny.


Got my coin the other day, WOW Again. I was a little worried when I saw the pictures of this one, the pics don't do it justice. Just as beautiful as the first. keep it up this is a great series. The artist has done an amazing job.

coin geek



Different & Special


I am always looking for great coins to add to my collection. Very happy that I subscribed for all the coins in this series.

Coin Lover

Newfoundland, Canada


Spectacular & Unique


Very impressive first of five unique coins. So glad I subscribed eary.

Markham Mike

Markham Ontario


Serious Yuck Factor


I thought the grizzly sculpture was kind of cool. No way would I spend over a grand for it though. I hope this cougar sculpture looks better in person but the pictures make this one ugly piece in my opinion. It's almost like they gave up half way through. The cougar doesn't look complete and it's belly just melds into the ground. I have a feeling alot of subscriptions will be cancelled after seeing this botch job





4.3 6


As I understand, if you order the subscription, you get the long display stand. Ordered individually, you get the single base. For $1000.00 each, the subscription orders should get the long stand and the individual stands.

King Midas

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it for our other coin series in the future.

Yudi (Product Team)

What is the reason of the increase on the rest of the Sculpture of Majestic Canadian Animal coin? Was planning to purchase the whole set individually but not for an extra 100 dollar each.


We set two prices for the coins in this series. To promote subscription, we offer all five coins in the series at the same lower price of $999.95. If you buy the coins individually, the price of coins 2 to 5 is higher at $1,099.95.

Yudi (Product Team)

I saw this 5 coins set sold out, why this one is still available? another 1200 more produced?


Hi tt, The 5-coin subscription is sold out because there were only approximately 1,000 of the 5-coin cases produced. We're selling the remaining 200 or so of each coin individually.


I thought these were advertised at $999.95 each , yet I see them priced higher now. Can that be explained?


Your question is not attached to a specific product, but I would assume that this refers to the pure silver gold-plated sculpture coin. If you buy these coins in a subscription, the price for each coin from #1 to #5 remains at $999.95. However, if you buy them individually, only the first coin has the price of $999.95; the price for coins #2 to #5 has been increased to $1,099.95 each.

Yudi (Product Team)


  • No.156462
  • Mintage1,200
  • Composition99.9% pure silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 315.71
  • Diameter (mm) 65
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value100 dollars
  • ArtistKarl Lansing (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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