Sterling Silver 5-Coin Set – The Four Seasons – Mintage: 5,000 (2013)

Sterling Silver 5-Coin Set – The Four Seasons – Mintage: 5,000 (2013)

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$374.95 CAD
Mintage: 5,000
Canada and US only

From the Mint of Poland! Order today!

A special collection of five sterling silver coins, created to be interlocking puzzle pieces. Each coin has a unique design and ornamented with Swarovski® crystals.

Universal theme combined with artistic workmanship will make this the showcase set of your collection! Order today!

Special Features:
  • Contains 1.72 troy oz of sterling silver.
  • Your coins are proof quality 925 silver
  • Set comes in an attractive case with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Mintage of 5,000.
  • Issued from the country of Niue, New Zealand legal tender.

About the five coin designs:

  • Spring: A flower bud turning into a blooming tree with a light green crystal.
  • Summer: Fruit turning into a fully leaved tree with fruits with a yellow crystal.
  • Autumn: A single leaf turning into a tree losing leaves with a dark red crystal.
  • Winter: A single snowflake turning into a frosted tree and falling snow with a light blue crystal.
  • The Seasons: The center coin in your set is The Seasons, which shows a tree crown and the four attributes of the four seasons.

Order today!


Original and stunning.


Original set for coins. How each coin is it's own, yet completes the set as a whole. Love the display case also.




Nice silver piece, little small but well made


It nice



A beautiful set


I plan to put it in a shadow box to display on my wall. It would be nice if the mint had display boxes for coins. I realize that it would be a difficult request as sizes vary. Arlene




Define toy worth buying.


Unique shape, dash of color on each coin. The five coins fit together in a square shape, with a round coin in the centre. Never seen anything like it. Not expensive for the quality and uniqueness.


Prince George, BC


A great buy


One of a kind, unique and beautiful set. Would make a great gift as well a wonderful addition to any collection.


Edmonton Alberta Canada


A unique coin to add to my collection.


A unique coin.

Coin guy

Out side of Toronto


A 'Royal' Piece


Truly an outstanding addition to any Collection. The title I chose actually came from an admirer who said of it the moment he saw it, " looks like Crown Jewels!". Have to ask, though: anyone else notice that the picture is off-? The "Flower Bud" I have, rather than White with a Red center, is Green with darker green lines-?! No matter - while always a bit on the expensive side, this is a stunning set well worth it. So glad (and not surprised) it sold out. Happy Holidays!

For Real





Outstanding quality


Aptos, ca


A real gem


This is just a beautiful unique coin.

Trucker Brian

Edemonton, AB


Four Seasons set


It is a great set with well presentation.


Henderson NV USA


Sterling Silver 5-Coin Set – The Four Seasons – Mintage: 5000 (2013)

4.8 18


Is this coin GST/HST exempt?


Hi Lovleen, Tax is applicable to this product because the purity of the silver is less than 99.9%. We are sold out of this product however you may contact any of our authorised coin dealers to see if they have any. Here's the link to our dealer locator page;


I am wondering about the colours of the centre coin. In the illustration on the website, the "Spring" flower is pink, but when it arrived, I discovered that it is actually coloured green. Also, the "Autumn" maple leaf is depicted red, and on my coin it is yellow. The "Summer" apple is deep solid red, instead of having some yellow-red skin texture. You can imagine it leads to some colour mismatch between these centre coin elements and their corresponding crystals. Why is that? Would this be considered a manufacturing flaw? Thank you.


It sounds like there may be a problem with your product, please contact customer service to review your concerns @ 1-800-267-1871

Josh (Product Team)

1. Re: the four attributes of the center coin The designed four attributes of each center coin of each set are all same OR each center coin of each set is totally different, for example, maple leave color or fruit or flower different? 2. Re: number of the mingtage on the certificate Is there any number of the mingtage printed on the original certificates? For example, xxxx/5000?


The center coins are all the same featuring the 4 colourful motifs together. The mintage is not serialized on each certificate. The certificate states the total mintage only.

Josh (Product Team)

The description states "Issued from the country of Niue, New Zealand". Certificate states "Mint of Poland". Can You clarify?


This coin is legal tender in the country of Niue (denomination on obverse), but was manufactured by the Mint of Poland. That is why you see both countries mentioned.

Josh (Product Team)

Are all the coins in a protective capsule


Yes, all 4 seasons coins are in individual capsules.

Is the price quoted for the whole set or each coin?


Hi gvera, $374.95 is the cost of the entire set. Please note that there's also a payment plan available; 3 monthly payments of C$124.99 (product ships at last payment).


Do you pay for it now or when it is shipped ?


Hi Allan, Credit cards are charged only when the product has been shipped.


Are these coins comparable to the coins produced at the Canadian mint?


Thank you for your question. By reselling coins designed and made by the Mint of Poland, we are allowing our customers in North America to enjoy and add coins to their display cases made by mints from around the world. As to whether the coins are comparable, it depends on what you are comparing. Polish Mint coins are made with sterling or fine silver, which should be comparable to the Royal Canadian Mint sterling and fine silver coins. In addition, both the Royal Canadian Mint and the Polish Mint offers unique designs and so are comparable in that regard. Please note that If you are not satisfied with the coins from the Polish Mint for any reason, you can return them to the Royal Canadian Mint within 30 days for a full refund.

Has this coin got any value to it, or is it just a collectors piece?


Thank you for your question. The answer to your question depends on the meaning of the word value. You may value this piece as it is a beautiful work of art, that will display well in your collection. It may add value to your collection as it is from the Mint of Poland, and might be your only coin from that mint. And each coin has a face value of 2 dollars from Niue, the country of issue, so they do have an assigned face value as well. This coin set is primarily a collector's piece as the difference between the face value and the actual purchase price are quite different.

I don't understand a two dollar value to this set. If the coin's were worth 75 dollars a coin I would buy this set. Very good art work.


Thank you for your question. As it is primarily a collector's coin, and not for circulation (i.e., purchasing groceries), it is assigned a minimum face value so that it always has a value. And because it has a face value, it fulfills one of the policies that defines it as a coin, otherwise, it is a token.


  • No.154975
  • Mintage5,000
  • Composition92.5% silver
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 53.5
  • Diameter (mm) 32 mm (center); 35.25 (outer)
  • Edge
  • Certificate
  • Face value2 dollars (Country of issue: Niue)
  • ArtistPiotr Demitraszek

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