34 mm Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace-Making Kit (coin not included)

34 mm Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace-Making Kit (coin not included)

$34.95 CAD
Mintage: While Supplies Last
Canada and US only

Turn your coin into jewelry!

Transform your favourite 34 mm diameter coin into a pendant necklace with this handy do-it-yourself kit!

  • Bezel is made with sterling silver (92.5% silver)
  • Fits 34 mm coins!

Assembly is easy.

Makes an ideal gift to someone special any time of the year—your Pendant Necklace-Making Kit (coin not included) is a unique way to turn your stunning 34 mm diameter coin into a stylish conversation piece.

Order today!


Unique Coin Presentation


This makes the gift of a coin very special and enhances it.


Port Rowan, Ontario




I just bought this yesterday at the Mint boutique in Ottawa along with a Zodiac coin that had a Swarvoski crystal in it for my daughter. The employees installed the coin in the necklace for me. They took a long time an told me that it was difficult to do. The employee who sold me the items told me that the Swarvoski crystal could pop off and that if that happened I could easily glue it back in with crazy glue. The very next morning my daughter put the necklace on to wear to a baptism and IMMEDIATELY the crystal landed on the floor. I used a tiny bit of crazy glue to glue it back on but the crystal lost all of its shine with the crazy glue. I called the mint and spoke to the employee who sold me the necklace and coin and TOLD me to use crazy glue if the crystal popped off and she said that there was nothing that they could do. The coin was not a piece of jewellery and it should have been kept in the case if I wanted to return it. Unbelievable! How about telling me that in the first place and NOT suggesting crazy glue to pop crystals back on! I should have expected such terrible service from a gov't organization but I am still in shock!


Ottawa, Ontario


I would NOT recommend this to anyone, very low quality!


This bezel is of VERY LOW quality, once coin was inserted and the screw tightened all the way, the coin (34mm.dia.) was still loose, and would even fall out of the bezel! Returned it to RCM, and they even screwed up my refund! Never heard from them even after 1 month, had to contact them!




Pendant holder.


difficult to use




34 mm Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace-Making Kit (coin not included)

2.8 4


I have a 1962 silver dollar that I used to have in a necklace. Would this fit? I looked online and the diameter of the coin is 32.13 mm. Would this coin fall out of this necklace ?


Hello Carol. Thank you for submitting your question. The coin is too small for this bezel. Unfortunately, the other bezel available through the website is too small for your coin. We recommend inquiring with a jeweler as they often sell bezels.

Chantal (Customer Service)

Is a 38mm clamp ring for my " Tree of Life " available ?


Hi ol'goat, We do not currently have a 38mm bezel ("clamp ring"). However, a number of customers are asking for more sizes. So we're inquiring with the manufacturer of the necklace kits to see if they can make more sizes. At this time we do not know if/when more sizes will be available. So we'd recommend checking back sometime next year.


I have received my kit as a gift, and I see that the product is sold as a Sterling Silver necklace making kit. I am sure when it was purchased for me, the buyer assumed the chain would be sterling silver as well. I was very disappointed to find out it is not. I am allergic to nickel, and will have to substitute another chain. Please make it clear somewhere on the front page, that the chain is NOT silver if you continue to market this. Not what I expected from our Mint....


Hi, We apologize for this. I've asked our web content manager to add the metal composition of the necklace on the product page. You can return the entire kit for a full refund or simply replace the necklace with a silver one as it may be difficult to find a bezel that fits the coin otherwise.


Is the coin protected on both sides by glass or plastic?


Hi KIm, The necklace making kit does not come with a capsule. The coin must be removed from its capsule to fit in the bezel. But please note that all our coins are coated with a protective lacquer.


Does this come with a piece of glass or plastic that surrounds the coin or is it simply a metal ring that holds the coin in place?


Hi Jessica, The bezel is a ring of sterling silver that holds the coin in place. There is not a glass or plastic cover. But please note that our coins are lacquered to help protect them.


It is a metal ring that holds the coin in place. No glass or plastic. With glass or plastic, it would not look good. The coin looks very nice in this coin holder.


Do you sell a kit that would fit my 27mm. Zodiac coin?


Hi Woobie, Yes, we sell a kit for 27mm coins. Here's the link to the product page:


What is the length of the chain?


Hi pumpkin, The length of the nickel chain (including clasp) is 47.5 cm (18 5/8 inches).


Will this fit a Canadian 2006 Palladium coin?


Hi Rudy, Yes, our "$50 - Palladium Coin, Big & Little Bear Constellations (2006)" has a diameter of 34mm, so it will fit in this bezel.


What current coins fit in this product.


Hi Geechman, We currently have (as of May 17 2017) 26 coins for sale that have 34mm diameters that will fit this bezel. Due to the character limit for answers I can't list the names of the coins, but here's the list of the item IDs that you can search for on • 154645 • 150127 • 150343 • 150325 • 155123 • 150277 • 149940 • 159891 • 161055 • 159928 • 161539 • 159304 • 158955 • 153230 • 153256 • 153244 • 142400 • 141271 • 159058 • 156217 • 156128 • 156258 • 156178 • 156205 • 156246 • 156193



  • No.122910
  • Mintage While Supplies Last
  • Composition92.5% silver bezel
  • Finish
  • Weight (g) 0.5
  • Diameter (mm) 34
  • Edge
  • Certificate
  • Face value
  • Artist

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