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Gold Coin - Manitoba Coat of Arms (2011)

Mintage 500
Canada and US only
$2,429.95 CAD
You could earn at least 24,300 points ?

Seventh issue in this bi-annual series.

This issue features Manitoba’s Coat of Arms with every detail of its intricate design faithfully reproduced in 14-karat gold—one of 13 coins that create a unique portrait of Canada and the fascinating history that inspired each one of its diverse Coats of Arms.

Coin design:
Manitoba’s “augmented Coat of Arms” as officially adopted in 1992.

A coin for Canada’s “keystone province.”
Historically, Manitoba has been known as Canada’s “keystone province” for its geographical and economical importance—a fact that is reflected in the masonry collar worn by the unicorn in its Coat of Arms.

Manitoba’s Arms are centered on its Provincial Shield as a prominent element. It was granted in 1905 by King Edward VII and features a buffalo standing on a rock with the Cross of St. George.

The helmet above the Shield symbolizes Manitoba’s co-sovereign status in Confederation. The beaver above the helmet has a royal crown on its back and is holding Manitoba’s floral emblem (Anemone patens).

The provincial motto on the scroll means “Glorious and Free.” The wavy lines above symbolize Manitoba’s waterways with grain fields (left) and white spruce forests (right). The seven prairie crocuses in the centre pay homage to Manitoba’s multicultural character.

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Accessed January 25, 2022