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Sterling Silver Gold Plated Coin - Orca Whale (2011)

Mintage 15,000
Canada and US only
$62.95 CAD
You could earn at least 630 points ?

Third issue in the stunning 4-coin series featuring Canada's wildlife.

The Orca’s power comes alive on this square-shaped coin in a dynamic, modern design that’s beautifully enhanced with gold plate on sterling silver. It’s a limited-edition collectible that’s a must-have.

Coin design:
An Orca leaps out of the water in a breathtaking expression of absolute liberty set against a background featuring the sun and a reflection of waves in the sky.

Ruler of the seas.
The Orca (Orcinus orca) is a powerful feature of British Columbia’s untamed wilderness; an iconic symbol that figures prominently in the rich cultural heritage of the region’s First Nations people. The Orca is respected as a master hunter and guardian of the sea. People would often watch for its fin near the shore, hoping to receive a message from this mystical messenger from the otherworld.

The Orca is a highly intelligent and sociable animal. It lives in pods with a few dozen individuals. While several pods may come together for a hunt, they display a remarkable sense of strategic cooperation as they fill the air with whistles, squeaks and whines to organize the effort. The Orca is among the world’s fastest sea mammal, capable of leaping out of the water to great heights—a breathtaking sight for anyone fortunate to spot one in the wide open waters off Canada’s west coast.

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Accessed January 27, 2022