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Fine Silver Coin - Maple of Happiness (2011)

Mintage 8,888
$98.88 CAD
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Features shimmering hologram of Canada’s treasured maple leaf.
The shine of fine silver provides the perfect canvas to showcase the beautiful colours that shimmer from this coin’s hologram. The coin’s design is a touching tribute to China’s vibrant customs that enrich the culture of cities and towns across Canada.

Coin design:
China’s “Bird of Happiness,” a magpie, flying above a tapestry of lotus flowers with a selective hologram of a maple leaf at its centre.

Coin is encapsulated and presented in a maroon clamshell case lined with flock and protected by a black sleeve.

Happiness soars with ancient Chinese symbols.
The magpie on this coin is one of China’s most common and powerful symbols of happiness. Its name (xi que) translates directly to “the bird of happiness”. In fact, the decorations at Chinese weddings will often feature two magpies to wish “double happiness” for the bride and groom.

The lotus flower that creates the background on this coin is another visual and auditory symbol for happiness. Its name (lian) sounds identical to the word “continuous”. Combining the magpie with lotus flowers is a poignant way to express a wish for prolonged happiness, luck and success.

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Accessed January 25, 2022