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Fine Silver Coin - Mother and Baby Ice Fishing - Mintage: 6500 (2013)

Mintage 6,500
Canada and US only
$139.95 CAD
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Features a beautifully coloured niobium insert! 1st in a new series!

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Distance and proportion melt away on the great expanse of Arctic ice—and the Inuit woman would disappear into the landscape if it were not for the brownish-grey earth tones of her animal hide parka. Even then, it would take a trained eye to spot the dot of contrast against the frigid white that defines the Arctic for most of the year.  

Your coin is the 1st in a new series featuring contemporary aboriginal art incorporated in a colorful design using oxidised niobium to diffract light and cause brilliant colours, naturally. Order yours today!

Special features

•  Your unique fine silver coin features a niobium metal insert with special coloring that enhances the beauty of this Inuit artist’s design.
•  Distinct and innovative minting process: the niobium insert is struck into the core of your fine silver coin and then selectively coloured through a unique oxidization process. After oxidation, the niobium diffuses light to create brilliant colours.
•  Your coin portrays the unique bond between mother and child engaged in an important Inuit family activity, fishing.
•  Limited mintage of 6,500.

Your coin’s reverse design is by Inuit artist Ulaayu Pilurtuut and shows a joyous mother celebrating her latest catch with her baby in her amautik. Rendered in a contemporary Inuit style, it captures the lighthearted spirit and humour commonly associated with this ancient culture.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded black clamshell case lined with a black flock and protected by a black sleeve.

A thoughtful gift and beautiful addition to any collection featuring Aboriginal art and culture.

Order yours today!

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Accessed January 28, 2022