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Special Edition Specimen Set - Young Lynx (2010)

Mintage 15,000
$49.95 CAD
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Unique $2 lynx coin only available with this set!

This set features the specimen finish traditionally cherished by coin collectors (brilliant and frosted relief on a lined background) and is the only set to offer the limited-edition two-dollar coin featuring Lynx kits.

Coin design:
Two young lynx kits atop a hollowed-out tree trunk.

Meet the “grey ghost of the North.”
There’s a one-of-a-kind $2 coin waiting to delight you in this very special specimen set. It celebrates the reclusive Lynx, a beautiful wildcat that is easily confused with the Bobcat, but can be distinguished by its oversized paws; shorter, black-tipped tail; long, thick fur; prominent face ruffs and distinct ear tufts.

Females usually produce a single litter of 3-4 young between May and July. They are born under uprooted trees or in hollow logs typical of the boreal forest. Lynx kits look like domestic kittens. They are reared solely by their mother but will be ready to establish their own range by the following spring.

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Accessed January 28, 2022