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Pure Gold Coin - Blessings of Strength (2010)

Mintage 1,388
Canada and US only
$939.95 CAD
You could earn at least 9,400 points ?

Pearl design features popular proverb in Chinese characters

This unique scallop-shaped coin brings together two of China’s most powerful symbols for strength—the tiger and the dragon, both encircling a precious pearl. Crafted in 99.999% pure gold with an eye-catching irregular shape, this coin is a stunning work of art.

Blessing of Strength
In China, blessings of strength abound in a multitude of ancient symbols and artistic expressions, many of which are beautifully represented on this scalloped coin of pure gold.

A blessing of “strength” (li) in Chinese culture is traditionally associated with one’s physical and inner power to endure, to take the challenge and to overcome adversities in order to succeed in life. Throughout thousands of years, the dragon and tiger images have become symbols of strength, bravery and success.

In this design, Dragon and Tiger are competing for the precious pearl on which is written the popular blessing proverb, "Be as strong and energetic as Dragon and Tiger."

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Accessed January 20, 2022