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Blue Jay - Coloured Coin (2010)

Mintage 14,000
$24.95 CAD
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Back by popular demand!

This larger-than-usual 25-cent coin in the Birds of Canada series showcases the Blue Jay and its signature, vivid blue that’s created by the unique structure of its feathers and how they reflect light.

This active, bold and vocal bird is a joy to watch. It’s a regular visitor to backyard feeders throughout southern Canada—a fact that makes this coin a perfect collectible for bird lovers!

Theme: Noisy blue glider
Flight seems almost effortless for the Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) as it glides through the air with surprising speed while barely flapping its wings. However, the jay’s quiet arrival is often announced by its harsh calls, which sometimes mimic other birds such as the Red-shouldered Hawk. The jay’s calls often alerts other birds to the presence of humans, cats or other possible predators.

Another surprise—its vivid blue colour is an illusion created by the unique inner structure of the jay’s feathers and they way they reflect light. Crush a Blue Jay feather and the blue tones disappear. This shimmering blue adorns the Jay’s crest, back, wings and tail, which are also accented in black and white. Unlike many bird species, there are no obvious differences in the plumage of males and females.

The Blue Jay is a very noisy bird that makes its home all over the province of Quebec. See it anytime with this coloured coin!

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Accessed January 22, 2022