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Sterling Silver Gold Plated Coin - Polar Bear (2010)

Mintage 15,000
Canada and US only
$59.95 CAD
You could earn at least 600 points ?

Recognized as a “Most Artistic” nominee in the 2012 Krause Publications Coin of the Year Awards!

Second issue in the stunning 4-coin series featuring Canada's wildlife.

The square shape and dynamic design of this coin are immediately eyecatching; all the more so with the gold plate that has been applied to this limited-edition coin. It’s the second issue in this four-coin series and every one of them is a must-have!

Coin design:
A stylized portrait of the Polar Bear on an ice floe with the sun and broken sea ice reflected in the sky as the background.

Master of the ice.
The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is the largest terrestrial carnivore on earth. Scientists place it in the marine mammal group because it lives primarily on the frozen sea ice and feeds almost exclusively on the seals that swim below it. While ringed seals are its favourite, the polar bear will also eat other seal species, belugas or narwhals.

The polar bear displays skills that are remarkably human-like when it hunts. These traits have inspired countless legends among the Arctic’s First Nations people; hunting a polar bear is an undertaking that demands an honest tribute of honour and respect.

The sea ice is now changing, forcing the polar bear to adapt with unprecedented speed. This coin highlights the power and magnificence of an animal that was long regarded as untouchable but is now under threat from pollution and climate change. The polar bear is a wildlife treasure that commands every effort in conservation.

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Accessed January 18, 2022