Royal Canadian Mint Coin Collection Case

Royal Canadian Mint Coin Collection Case

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The perfect place to store and display your treasured coins!

Stunning solid wood case inlaid with the Royal Canadian Mint logo on a highly polished piano gloss finish. It features two luxurious velour trays which hold 24 coins and special sheets to store and protect your coin certificates. You can keep everything in one place!

  • Coins with 38 mm diameter display beautifully in the 1 oz. coin tray.
  • Coins with 34 mm diameter display beautifully in the ½ oz. coin tray.

A Note on the Care and Maintenance of Your Beautiful Collection Case:

  • Touching this case with bare hands will leave visible finger prints. It is important to handle the case itself as you would your fine collectibles, such as Royal Canadian Mint proof-quality coins.
  • To clean the case's piano gloss finish, please use a soft cloth. You can also use a wood surface cleaning product, such as Pledge.
  • It is very important to avoid using paper towels, newspaper, or other abrasives to clean the case because they will damage the finish.

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Nice quality display box


Great quality, beautiful


East Texas


I woul buy and recommend this the canadian collection case


More convenient for viewing sorting and storage




Boxes to store your coins in


I find that these storage boxes for organizing my coins. Does not hold onto all the coins. If a tray is taken out coins my fall out of the two trays, also not all coins will fit into the slots provided. It's a little frustrating.


Airdrie, AB


coin Collection Case


Would have been nice for one more tray for coins or else larger trays. other than that very sharp and nice looking. useful.




This is a lovely product. I have now bought the case three


It is a lovely way to enjoy many coins.

Friend of the Mint





Very good place to keep coins

Dan the man

Quebec City


Great product


Great product looks good quality material.

Shark man

Ottawa, Ontario


Collection case.


Now I have three this size, need for 54 mm & higher. As I don't have the coins to put in them.






My only complaint would be the communication on delivery. Being a gift I got no communication for delivery? I had to email them to see if it would arrive in time and that was after getting an email from RCM saying "We haven't heard from you for a while, was it something we said"? I was a bit upset at that point!






I love shopping for coins, they are a great value and hopefully.


Colborne, Ontario, Canada


Royal Canadian Mint Coin Collection Case

4.4 117


Is there a place to hold each coin's certificate in the box?


Hello Antoine and thank you for asking. The certificates can be inserted under the trays.

Chantal (Customer Service)

Love the tray... beautiful presentation... With my recent purchase of the 2018 Silver Dollar, the 1/2 ounce tray is full... Since I don't have any coins that fit the larger 1 ounce tray, I was wondering if it is possible to purchase another 1/2 ounce tray... Thanks


Hello Scott and thank you for submitting your question. We do not sell trays separately. However, you may want to inquire with a coin dealer who may be able to help you find a tray to fit the box.

Chantal (Customer Service)

Do you carry a Wooden case to display Canadian Dollar Coins? What is the cost per case and how many coins would each one hold?


Hello Harry and thank you for submitting your questions. We do not have a collector case for the Canadian Dollar coins. You want to inquire with a coin dealer to see if they may have any suggestions on how to display your coins. They may even have a collector case which could be used for this purpose.

Chantal (Customer Service)

hi--to save me a lot of research what capsule sizes will both trays hold???? thanks in advance


Hi there, the case was designed to hold 12, ½ oz fine silver coins each with a measurement of 34mm wide (capsule size 39.2mm) and 12, 1 oz fine silver coins each with a measurement of 38mm wide (capsule size 42.5mm). It really is a beautiful case!

Libby (Product Team)

Where can I store the coin official papers that describes the authenticity of the coin, etc. Thanks

Melba Toast

Hi Melba, You can either keep the certificate in the original clamshell box/case the coin came in or perhaps at the bottom of the box, beneath the lower tray.


And trays available to fit the anual silver dollar series? That would be super! Cheers.


Hi Curtis, there are two trays - one tray fits 12, standard 1oz silver coins and the other tray fits 12, standard 1/2oz silver coins.

Libby (Product Team)

Can the coins from the 2014-2015 Exploring Canada fit in the case?


Hi Philip, Unfortunately not. The Exploring Canada coins from 2014-2015 were 3/4 ounce coins with diameters of 36.07mm. The trays of this case are made for 1/2 ounce and 1 ounce coins.


Will this hold the coins that are $100 for $100, or $200 for $200?


Hi Anne, Unfortunately not. Our $100 for $100 coins have diameters of 40mm and our $200 for $200 coins have diameters of 50mm. This display case only holds coins with diameters of 34mm and 38mm.


I am an old lady and I know nothing about coins or metric measures. What I want to know is what kind of coins will fit in each of the 2 trays (e.g. quarters, dimes, nickels, toonies, loonies). Please clarify so I will know whether this would be a suitable gift for my son or grandson. Thank you.


Thank you for your interest in this product. The case was designed to hold 12, ½ oz fine silver coins each with a measurement of 34mm wide and 12, 1 oz fine silver coins each with a measurement of 38mm wide.

Libby (Product Team)

I'm looking for the boxes for the 2015 +the 2016 big coin series I was wondering if they are available for purchase &how much they would be if there all the same maybe I could purchase a couple of 2017 display boxes tx looking forward to hearing from you


Hello and thank you for your question! For this request I would direct you to contact our customer service department who can answer your question. They can be reached at 1-800-267-1871 (Canada) 1-800-268-6468 (US) 613-954-2626 (International) Our hours are from: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday. Thank you

Erica (Product Team)


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