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Showcase Your Collection — Anywhere, Any Way You Want!

Treasure and collect on the go with the FREE Royal Canadian Mint app.

Whether you started collecting a few months or several years ago, are a casual collector or dedicated numismatist, your experience probably began the same way; somebody showed or gave you a coin, your curiosity was piqued, you did a bit of research, and now you’re hooked!

But that’s where the similarities end.

Coin collections are as diverse as the people who’ve assembled them, and the Royal Canadian Mint app makes it easy to organize and manage your coins according to your personal interests and tastes. With the Royal Canadian Mint app, your collection becomes totally mobile so you can take it with you wherever you go. And it’s “live,” letting you know of the latest coins so you can review and acquire them the instant they are launched. What’s more, if there’s a special event coming up, the Royal Canadian Mint app will notify you of that, too.

Be strategic. Move fast!

Gone are the days of reading newspapers and magazines, or scouring aisles at trade shows, coin clubs or specialty stores to find the next coin. With today’s mobile devices, coins are launched and immediately snatched up online. Collectors have to act fast, and the Royal Canadian Mint app keeps you at the front of the line for the latest trending coins. See the notification, tap a button, and your latest treasure is on its way!

How it works 1, 2, 3…

1. Build your collection

After you’ve downloaded the app and set up your account, just tap the BUILD YOUR COLLECTION button and the app will automatically upload all your online purchases as far back as 2007.

If you haven’t purchased online, you can add coins manually, and you don’t have to remember the full product name, either. Simply key in search words like “wolf” or “2010 gold” and select from the coins that appear on screen.

2. Organize and display your collection…

… Any way you want. Here’s where it gets interesting. You can:

Focus on specific features. The app automatically provides filters like “silver,” “gold & platinum,” “sold out,” and “series,” but you can add as many tags with features that are important to you, such as: the year (2010), special features (enamel), even your all-time faves (top 10). Every tag you create will appear in the filters menu, and with one tap, you can display only those coins with that feature.

Arrange, shuffle and display your collections moment to moment. A coin with an aviation theme might also be considered military or historic. By adding all three terms under “collections,” you can be sure that particular coin will appear in each of these contexts. You can even create a collection of coins that were gifts “from Aunt Jane.”

Add comments for each coin, perhaps something like, “35/5,500 — I got one of the first!”

Sort the coins that are on-screen according to release date, price or mintage, by simply tapping the buttons provided.

3. Enjoy your BEST collecting experience — ever!

With the Royal Canadian Mint app, your collection is with you wherever you go, so you can review and manage your inventory, or proudly share your passion anywhere, anytime. Best of all, your collecting strategy is “live,” placing you firmly on the inside track of new releases, so you can act fast and acquire the latest coins that are expected to sell out fast.

Take coin collecting to the next level with the FREE Royal Canadian Mint app — today!

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