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Fine Silver Coin - Winter Town (2011)

Mintage 8,000
Canada and US only
$69.95 CAD

Only available until October 31. This 99.99% pure silver coin captures the spirit of the festive season with beautiful touches of red and green.

A classic holiday keepsake!
Cozy up to the warmth of cold winter nights.

Snowbound winters may be unique to the Northern Hemisphere, but around the w world the darkening days of December have been the focus of countless cultures since ancient times. Northern Europeans, including the Romans and the Celts, met the winter solstice with rituals of fire and evergreen decorations in order to bring back the light and life—a return to longer, warmer days.

As centuries passed, the bonfires and garlands evolved into candles, glass decorations and bright, sparkling lights. In today’s snow-bound towns, people cozy-up to enjoy a warm fire and hot chocolate, scarcely aware the red and green decorations they admire are echoes of the leaves and berries ancestors gathered long ago.

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