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14-Karat Coloured Gold Coin - Spring (2010)

Mintage 1,000
Canada and US only
$589.95 CAD


New Four Seasons Maple Leaf Series - Spring
One of the great gifts of living in Canada is the ever evolving landscape generated by its four seasons. As spring transforms into summer and autumn surrenders to the dormancy of winter, the maple adapts in perfect rhythm with the changing climate and environment.

Selective colour applied to the design highlights the unique characteristics for this time of year.

With a limited mintage of just 1,000 coins (each) and the added enhancement of colour in their designs, these fabulous 14-karat gold coins reign as limited works of art.

Coin designs:
A beautifully-constructed bird’s nest sheltered among fresh green maple leaves (Spring); two cherished summertime sights—a Monarch butterfly and vibrant maple leaves (Summer); red autumn leaves with river stones (Autumn); autumn leaves that have settled into a hollow of a tree trunk (Winter).

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